2018 Week 51

The last report of 2018

Valderøya island

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Vasshornet 479m 56m Sande, Norway WCP
Aksla 188m 188m Ålesund, Norway WCP
Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein, Norway WCP

Vasshornet (479m), Dec 17 2018

The route to Vasshornet

Monday: Today, I took Karma to the vet to check on the bad hot-spot she got this autumn. She passed the examination with flying colors, and was so happy that she insisted on taking the bill…

But did you bring your wallet?

After work, I decided to go to Vasshornet – a top that I hadn’t been to since 2012. Overdue for revisit.

I started out at the usual trailhead near the south end of lake Skogevatnet.

On our way to Vasshornet

In mid-December, there was ice all over the place and Vasshornet was no exception. The path up the forest was ice, and nothing but ice. I took it like a good exercise. If I returned without injury, the hike would be a total success.

Every now and then I stopped for some pictures. It was about to turn dark and I like that little time period where it’s still bright, but if you look at the street lights, you feel it’s dark already.

Gursken view

Higher up on the mountain – where it’s getting steeper, the ice was replaced by snow. Deep snow at times. But I didn’t complain. I’ll take snow over ice any day.

Vasshornet is not among the “prominent tops” but it’s a darned nice walk up there. And the views ain’t bad either.

Rovdestranda seen from Vasshornet

Karma and I retraced our steps down the mountain and I returned to the trailhead without a single fall. Total success!

Trip statistics: 4,3km, 430 vertical meters, 1h:42m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the hike:

Aksla (188m) , Dec 18 2018

The route on Aksla

Tuesday: Ålesund day, and after work I took Karma for a round trip hike across Aksla – a hill very close to where I work. I escape all the traffic and can get right on with the walking.

Today, we settled for a round trip hike from Gangstøvika to Fjellstua and back, via the forest ridge (I found some new paths) and the forest road. I looked forward to get to Fjellstua in hope for some good pictures. The Ålesund view is amazing from up here.

Ålesund view from Fjellstua

I even tried a zoom. There was almost no wind (which is very rare) and got away with a pretty clean shot of downtown Ålesund.

Downtown Ålesund

Trip statistics: 7,3km, 360m vertical meters, 1h:57m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the hike:


Hasundhornet (533m),  Dec 19 2018

The route

Wednesday:  The last hike in Norway in 2018 went to Hasundhornet, from Gardsholhaugen. That was roughly the only eventful thing about the hike.

Ulsteinvik seen from Hasundhornet

Trip statistics: 3,9km, 490 vertical meters, 1h:25m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the hike:

Egypt, Dec 23 – 30 2018

And then we went to Egypt. Click here for the Egypt Diary and here for the ascent of Gebel Katerina (2629m) – the highest point in Egypt.

On top of Egypt!
Wonderful days of snorkeling!

Randsfjorden, Dec 31 2018

Birdlife in “Scheeskroken”

New Year’s eve was spent with our *dear* friends Eva and Bjørn by Randsfjorden, who looked after Karma while Anne and I were in Egypt.

Ready for the last dinner in 2018

We entered 2019 on a quiet note. Not too much going on in these parts of Norway, which is honky dory fine by me!

2018 is dead. Long live 2019!

2018 Statistics

2018 was an “average” year in terms of hiking. Summarizing the year;

131 new tops, whereas 104 had a primary factor of 100m (the annual goal is 100 – CHECK!)

142 local tops

142 other tops

415 tops in total, where 250 were different tops.

– Total vertical meters: 206,824m (annual goal is 200,000)

– Total km on foot: 2245

– Total km on skis: 506,8

– Total km on bike: 102

And THAT concludes my 2018 hiking….


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