Moltinden, Aug 4 2020

Summer vacation, day 17

Continued from day 16


Tops and places visited
Peak/Place Height PF Location
Moltinden 651m 114m Flakstad, Norway

Anne had her 2nd working day with her colleagues from Lofotodden National Park and I could pretty much do what I wanted. Or more precisely – find a nice mountain where I also could bring Karma.

I searched the internet for various hikes and came across Moltinden, and a picture of a dog. That settled it. I didn’t read anymore. If another dog can reach the top, so can Karma!

I drove from Reine to Torsfjorden on Flakstadøya. It was a good thing I had already visited the popular Ryten top (back in 2016) because there was absolutely no parking left for hiking in that direction. But at the foot of Moltinden, I had no problems finding a place to park.

The route up and down Moltinden

There wasn’t any visible – or obvious – route from where I parked, so we just went off-trail until we were on the ridge. There, I found the path. At this point, I was thinking that the summit was quite sharp! But, it would probably work out nicely when we got there.

On the path to Moltinden

Karma tackled small obstacles with little effort…


When I had the two tops in clear view, it was clear that I would have go across the south top in order to get to the north top. My faith remained with the picture of that dog…

Hmm… This looks interesting!

Getting up to the south top involved a little bit of scrambling for Karma, but it went fairly smooth and now we had the main top in clear view.

On the south top

Access to the main top was surprisingly easy. The path was curving around the main top (with a little exposure in one place)  and we got up without any problems.

On top of Moltinden!

The weather wasn’t the best, but the views were still very nice. I looked towards Ryten and wondered where Anne and her colleagues were. I knew they were in the close neighbourhood.

Ryten view

Before returning, I headed down the ridge until I had a partial view of the Kvalvika bay. For perfect view, one should go to Ryten. People go there for the Kvalvika view and not the top itself.

Kvalvika bay

We returned the same way we came up (almost) and then returned to Reine. When Anne came back later in the afternoon, we decided to go to Underhuset for dinner. As we hadn’t reserved a table, we had to wait – but not for long. Underhuset was a nice experience. Nothing epic, but nice. They didn’t want any tip. Instead, they wanted us to “spread the word“. So this is exactly what I’m doing now…

At Underhuset, Reine. Our Rorbu far left – on Olenilsøya island

Trip statistics: 6,9km, 700 vertical meters, 2h:16m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8):

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