2020 Week 33

Sunny weather, trail work, local hikes & Covid test

Good living…
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
09.08.2020 Øyrahornet 417m 42m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
09.08.2020 Slettheia 552m 49m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
09.08.2020 Selsteinen 598m 90m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
09.08.2020 Rysseviktua 452m 34m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
09.08.2020 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
10.08.2020 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
11.08.2020 Løkeberget 579m 300m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
12.08.2020 Kongsvollen 683m 200m Ulstein/Hareid, Norway WCP
13.08.2020 Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
14.08.2020 Veten (Vetleholten) 632m 184m Gloppen, Norway

The Øyrahornet – Selsteinen trail, Aug 9 2020

Today’s route

Sunday, Week 32: I chose to spend my last day of the summer vacation on “community work”. I wanted to finish the new route between Øyrahornet and Selsteinen before the end of September and with 3 more loads to go, I better get on with it.

My shape and form had been just fine throughout the summer vacation, but as soon as I got home, my energy dropped radically. But I figured that if I could just get going, I would feel better afterwards.

“Monster hill” ahead

The backpack weighed in at 22kg. Not very impressive, but I could certainly feel the load.

Pain is only temporary…

After the 400 vertical meter ascent up to Øyrahornet, it was nice to take a short break.

The classic bench view…

The job today was to mark the route from Slettheia and down to the pass towards Selsteinen. Which meant another 2km with the heavy load until I could start off-loading.

After 400 vertical meters, I have still a bit to go…

But eventually, we reached Slettheia and I could get to work. After 13 new sticks had found their new home, we continued up to Selsteinen. I needed every walk up here I could get, because it was very difficult to settle for a route. But this time, a plan was in the process of making.

@ work!

From Selsteinen, we descended to Hansmyrane, aiming for Rysseviktua. The terrain across the meadows was not enjoyable!

Descending from Selsteinen

A couple of eagles kept us company as we passed Rysseviktua. I always welcome their company! If anyone can lift my 30kg dog, I would say they have earned it. I am kidding, of course. I am keeping a good eye on her.

Just stay up there!

I was very happy when we reached the Storehanen – Rysseviktua – Sandvikhornet trail!

Back on the trail

After Rysseviktua, we went across Sandvikhornet before returning to Tjørvåg. A long, and nice round-trip hike! And, as I had expected, I felt much better in the evening.

Skåla seen on the way down Sandvikhornet

Trip statistics: 11,3km, 840 vertical meters, 3h:36m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP):

Røddalshorn (563m), Aug 10 2020

The route across Røddalshorn

Monday: My first day at work after the summer break was not my most productive, thanks to a couple of thousand emails (the majority being warning and error emails from our computer systems) – and handled by my colleagues. Still, I had to go through them all.

After work, I was just “spent” and the only route I managed to generate enough energy for – was Røddalshorn. It was of course great help in that the weather was still beautiful.

On our way to Røddalshorn

It’s always nice to reach the top and enjoy the view towards the Sunnmøre alps.

On top of Røddalshorn

We took an unusual route down the mountain – via lake Simavatnet.

So much terrain to examine!

Trip statistics: 4,6km, 435 vertical meters, 1h:20m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP):

Liadalsnipa (924m), Aug 11 2020


See separate trip report.

Løkeberget (579m), Aug 11 2020

Our route across Løkeberget

Tuesday: Immediately after coming home from the exciting (and partly creepy)  hike up and down Liadalsnipa, I took Karma up to Løset to hike Løkeberget.

Løkeberget seen from Kongsvollen the day after

We followed the regular path upwards and I tried to impress Karma by telling about Liadalsnipa. She didn’t seem impressed at all!

I was just *there*!!

When we reached the top, I had done 1140 vertical meters today and didn’t feel a need for more. I looked forward to getting back home!

On top of Løkeberget

On our way down, I took a short-cut that I’m sure I will not be repeating.

Trip statistics: 4,4km, 370 vertical meters, 1h:05m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP):

Kongsvollen (683m), Aug 12 2020

The route up and down Kongsvollen

Wednesday: This was a hot day and I was running the air condition on 18 deg. C. all day. After work, I was dead tired but decided to take a trip to Kongsvollen – from Løset.


I truly enjoy the ridge route to Kongsvollen, but not so much hiking across the flats from Løset.

This is the least fun part

But eventually, we reached the ridge and I could enjoy myself. It was surprising to see a group of 6 hikers coming down the ridge. I normally never meet people up here. “Bukketrappa” (the goat stairs) was fun as always!

“Bukketrappa” ahead

As already mentioned, this was a hot day and Karma struggled going up the mountain. It’s not often she’s dragging her tongue.

Poor girl. Almost up!

We enjoyed the view and took the same route back. Once home, I could feel the beginning of  a sore throat. I did expect this was a result from my very cold living room (vs. the heatwave outdoors), but this was very inconvenient. I had some big plans for the weekend. I hoped that I would feel better in the morning.

View from Kongsvollen

Trip statistics: 9km, 540 vertical meters, 1h:52m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP):

Rambjøra (132m), Aug 13 2020

Our route across Rambjøra

Thursday: My throat was still sore when I woke up. I was confident that it was because of the air condition, but I was supposed to take a regular Thyriod test at the Medical centre today. I had to call in and asked them to reschedule. As a Covid precaution measure. When they recommended that I should take a Covid-19 test, I thought – “why not?”

That test was just horrible! I’ve done root canal work without local anesthetic, got my knee cap 45 deg. out of position numerous times, and many other types of horrible pain. But this was – bar none – top of the list. I felt my head were about to explode. It was like when I dived, head first into a glacier lake (1-2 deg. C.) times 5!

The right side of my skull was numb for the next 24 hours and every 30 seconds there was a pulse which felt like someone poking a needle in my brain. Was this normal or did the person performing the test do something terribly wrong? I was not very productive at work the rest of that day.

When it was time to walk the dog, we just walked up the Rambjøra trail. I brought the lopper and cut some bush along the way.

On Rambjøra

In between the invisible “needles” hitting my brain, I realized that this was very bad timing. I was supposed to be part of a trip with a larger group on Saturday and go climbing with a friend on Sunday. What if I didn’t get the results before the weekend? In any case, I had to be in quarantine for 24 hours after the test. Well, time would surely tell…

Trip statistics: 2,5km, 140 vertical meters, 1h:18m

Veten, Sandane (632m), Aug 13 2020

Our route across Veten

Friday: My dilemma regarding waiting for the result from my Covid-19 test and my weekend plans with Sogndal as base was solved as follows: I would drive to Sogndal and stay in Anne’s place until I got the message from the test. If positive, Anne would get groceries for me and I would drive home. If negative, then I could participate in whatever was left to do before the weekend was over.

Fortunately, the result came on my way to Sogndal – negative! I was very relieved, even though I was pretty sure I didn’t have the Corona virus. My throat was already much better. But now I had this – certificate. Albeit very temporary! Which mattered a great deal. Now I could participate in a lot of fun outdoor activities this weekend!

On our way to Sogndal, we stopped in Sandane to hike Veten – a top I every now and then do whenever I take the ferries, opposed to driving across Utvikfjellet.

On our way to Veten

I really like the top and route. I wish the views from the top could be slightly better, but the trail is just perfect.

Nice forest trail!

I used to run this route. Seems like those days are gone. No complaints, though. Just begin able to hike is a privilege that should not be taken for granted.

34 minutes after leaving the car, we reached the top.

On top of Veten. Ryssdalshornet in the background

Whenever I am here, I do a round trip hike – via lake Røsskleivvatnet.

Heading down from Veten

Walking along this lake is always a nice finish to the round trip. As long as I’m taking the correct path at the west end of the lake. Back in 2017, I made the wrong turn and ended up at Eidsstøylen. Anne had to keep the dinner warm that day.

Along lake Røsskleivvatnet

We followed a nice path down to Leirstøylen, and 5 minutes later we were on our way to Sogndal.

Nice path towards Leirstøylen

Trip statistics: 6km, 400 vertical meters, 1h:17m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP):

Oldedalen – Stardalen w/Sogndal Turlag, Aug 15 2020

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Falketind (2067m), Aug 16 2020

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  1. Hei Arnt, nydelige bilder og herlige flotte fortellinger frå ferien dokkers, og ikke minst fantastiske turer i nordnorges sommersol! Vi har fått masse turtips igjen, takket dine opplevelser og alt du skriver i bloggen. Det var så bra å lese at du fikk din gode Arnt formen tilbake!
    God helg til deg og Anne og snille Karma😃

    1. Hei Ellen. Tusen takk for veldig hyggelig tilbakemelding! Setter stor pris på det. Formen kommer og går, veldig mystisk. Går fra undersøkelse til undersøkelse. Så langt alt bra, og det er jo bra 😉 Kjekt at dere finner turtips! God helg til deg og!

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