Bårdshøgdi, June 26 2021

A fun hike on Aurlandsfjellet

Our hike from Aurlandsfjellet to Lærdalen
Tops visited:
Top Height PF Municipality
Tissedalsvarden 1613m 81m Lærdal, Norway
Grønefjell 1625m 15m Lærdal, Norway
Bårdshøgdi 1644m 214m Lærdal, Norway

Today, we sat course for Aurlandsfjellet to visit Tissedalsvarden and Bårdshøgdi. We didn’t have any particular plan than just a nice hike and we expected to hike the same way back to the car.

Ready to go!

We started out from about 1270m, just before lake vetle Andisvatnet. We then aimed for the river from lake Tissedalsvatnet. It wasn’t a sunny day, but it was really good to be out hiking in new terrain again!

Enjoying the day!

Thanks to a snow bridge, we were able to cross the river easily.

Crossing the river

Next stop was Tissedalsvarden – on rocky terrain…

Rock, rock, rock…

Fortunately, there was still snow and we got some variation in the terrain.

Almost July, but still snow!

2h:20m after heading out, we reached the top of Tissedalsvarden.

Our first top – Tissedalsvarden

Our next goal was Bårdshøgdi 2,8km to the north.

Towards Bårdshøgdi

Along the way, we hiked across Grønefjell (Sadlehøgdi), 1625m.

Large fields of snow…

On our way to Bårdshøgdi, the idea of descending into Lærdalen came to life. The terrain wasn’t really inviting to a return along the same route. We could always get a taxi

At the foot of Bårdshøgdi

Tissedalsvarden wasn’t a real pf100 top, but Bårdshøgdi was!

On Bårdshøgdi

And then we headed for Lærdalen valley!

Towards Lærdalen

We would follow the route to Øvrevoll, across Tynjåsen. The route was marked on the map. But was it marked in real life?

It turned out that it was!

On the marked path

This was big fun!


A descent from 1640m to 50m takes time, but we took the time needed and enjoyed ourselves along the way!


Eventually, we reached Lærdalen and we hiked to Tønjum where Anne and Karma waited by the church while I took a taxi (it took half an hour for the taxi to get there) up to Aurlandsfjellet. It wasn’t cheap – NOK 1000,- but well worth it! It was a truly enjoyable round-trip hike!

On our way to Tønjum

Trip statistics: 18,6km, 600 vertical meters, 7h:14m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

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  1. You are lucky to see a Weasel I’ve only ever seen 3 of those style of creatures in my whole life,not counting captive ones;2 Weasels around here and I saw a Pine Martin once running across a field in Aviemore, Scotland.

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