Grånosene, Sep 18 2022

A great hike above Lustrefjorden

A super-nice day in Luster


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP/FP
18.09.22 Stordalshornet 1106m 22m Luster, Norway
18.09.22 Grånosene 1137m 122m Luster, Norway
18.09.22 Lustraeggi 1112m 37m Luster, Norway
Our hike across Grånosene

Sunday: After a slow start of the hiking week, things got gradually better and this hike across Grånosene above Gaupne (Luster) just saved the week.

This trip also had a social element to it, as we would visit our friends Liv and Rein-Arne at Eggastølen below Grånosene.

From Gaupne, we drove the Engjadalsvegen mountain road before we got onto the Flatningane toll road (cash only per Sep 2022). We parked at approx. 620m elevation.

Rather than following the Morgdalane path, we took the forest path a bit to the right of the other. At least, this was the fastest way to get to the Flatningane cabins. But that’s not where we were going and, in the end, I’m not sure if this path saved us any time.

On our way to Flatningane

We found the path leading to Eggastølen, not knowing that there is a more direct route across the meadow.

At Flatningane, heading for Eggastølen – up to the right
On the path to Eggastølen – looking down on Flatningane

At Eggastølen, we were invited into the cabin and had a nice time with our friends before my restless soul got the better of me.

Anne had a “twin sister” in Liv today

But before me and Karma could take off, we had to check out the local Halloween masks.


I’m kidding of course. This used to be a horse that got unwell and dropped dead not too far away.

Maybe with a little modification, this could work as a mask…

Karma and I followed a path that took us up to the ridge just SW of Stordalshornet. As the path seemed to continue in the direction of Grånosi, we went off-trail up to the top.

Off-trail towards Stordalshornet

I had not been to this top before and enjoyed a) that, b) the weather and c) the views.

Karma on Stordalshornet

From Stordalshornet, we followed a vague path that took us to the high point on Grånosene.

Grånosene high point ahead

Anne and I had a very nice hike across Grånosi and Grånosene in Aug. 2012 and it was nice to be back – 10 years later. I particularly remember some crazy-looking sheep

As cool-looking as can be (2012)

Grånosene didn’t offer any particular spectacular views, so I settled for a picture of Karma on top…

Karma on Grånosene

Our next stop was Lustraeggi – where I had not been before. Word has it that this is a great viewpoint. Well, I was about to find out and determine if I agreed…

Lustraeggi ahead

I agreed

Lustrafjorden view from Lustraggi – all the way from Skjolden (left) to Urnes

The next task was to descend all the way down to Nes, where Anne would pick us up. I called Anne to try to arrange some kind of timing, but she was out walking and reckoned we would meet further down the ridge.

Heading for Nes – the green spot down by the fjord

I met Anne & Liv at Ramnaberg and we decided that Anne would return to the cabin, then head down the car and drive to Nes.

Anne and Liv at Ramnaberg

Meanwhile, I would try to find a good way down the forest, and Liv gave me some good advice.

I found a path that took us along the forest ridge that extends from Ramnaberg.

At around 720m we arrived at a fork, where the most worn path turned left. According to the map, this would take us to Høyheimsvik and that was not where I wanted to end up.

So, we followed a less worn path – still along the ridge until we lost it. Now I wanted to get down to the path in the valley down to our right, but it was quite steep.

I found another vague path and followed it further down the ridge. Eventually, this path turned right and merged with the marked valley path.

On the valley path

It was just wonderful to hike in the forest. Then I heard a noise that I couldn’t figure out until I saw 3 bikers coming down the path in high speed. I got myself and Karma off the path and watched them disappear within seconds. That’s a crazy sport. I mean, a skydiver only has to avoid hitting the ground too hard, but these bikers could die at every given second on the trail. But I get it, bikers like this has a skill level that I could not grasp and so for them, this was probably just a “nice day in the forest”

Still on the valley path, mindful about other potential bikers…

The path took us down on a tractor road, but there were short-cuts all the way and I didn’t have to follow the tractor road until we were just above Nes.

Approaching Nes

We went to the rest area and I called Anne. “Where you at?” “Nes” she said, and she pulled over seconds later. How’s that for timing?

It was a great day out!

Feigefossen waterfall seen from the Nes rest area

Trip statistics: 13,4km, 670 vertical meters, 4h:40m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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