Baby steps, round 3…

View from Osberget


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
02.01.23 Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
04.01.23 Dragsund Herøy, M&R, Norway MAP
06.01.23 Djupvikhaugen 98m 29m Herøy, M&R, Norway MAP
07.01.23 Osberget 134m 36m Ulstein, Norway   MAP
07.01.23 Djupvikhaugen 98m 29m Herøy, M&R, Norway MAP
08.01.23 Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
08.01.23 Dragsund Herøy, M&R, Norway MAP

Thanks for visiting. But please spend your time more wisely. There is nothing of interest on this blog post – if you’re looking for hiking and mountain scenery.

I was obeying the Doctor’s orders to rest while on antibiotics. When walking the dog, the order was to “stay in the streets”. I had to adopt this order into something that didn’t brutally violate the order but still provide a minimum of life quality.

Having been sick all of December, and as it looked now – half of January – it would be tempting to feel a little sorry for myself. I was pleased to learn that I (still) don’t seem to have it in me. Whenever I was considering a little dose of self-pity, it didn’t take me long to send my thoughts to people who really struggle in life.

And besides, I could walk. Not necessarily something to be taken for granted either…

Transport day + Rambjøra (132m), Jan 2 2023

On my way from Sogndal – passing through the wonderful Fjærland region

Monday: Transport day Sogndal – Sunnmøre after the Christmas break in Eastern Norway. I was not feeling well, but the drive went OK. The weather was nice and the scenery astounding (as always). That helped.

The Skåla mountain in Loen

I really looked forward to get home. I had done 1000km of driving during Christmas, and I was tired of snowfall and icy roads.


Once home, I felt obligated to give the dog a half decent walk and chose to hike across our local top Rambjøra.

Hardly any snow back home…

I hadn’t been to the Doctor yet, so technically speaking I wasn’t violating any orders yet. Still, I wasn’t really sure how smart this was. But the feeling of giving the dog a better walk than just around the block also counts for something.

Karma on Rambjøra

Once home, I went straight to bed – hoping tomorrow’s visit to the Doctor would shed some light on the “situation”.

Ulsteinvik view from Rambjøra

Trip statistics: 4km, 130 vertical meters, 1h:10m

Dragsund, Jan 4 2023

Sticking to the streets…

Wednesday: The day before, the Doctor put me on a new round of antibiotics and ordered me to take it easy during the 10-day cure and then half a week after that.

Feeling a notch better than the day before, I decided to take the dog and do a round trip flat hike to Dragsund and back.

I brought the camera in case something of interest turned up. Not that I expected anything fun to “turn up”, but at least I convinced myself that the Dragsund bridge was of some interest…

The Dragsund bridge. Very exciting…

At least I could practice on after-dark photography. Unfortunately, my camera has so many “dead pixels” that I soon lost interest…

The Dragsund harbor. Very exciting…

Eventually, I just had to get off the streets to lighten my spirit…

Finally – off-trail!

Trip statistics: 4,5km, 30 vertical meters, 1h:05m

Djupvikhaugen (98m), Jan 6 2023

Djupvikhaugen. My Everest today…

Friday: The drugs seemed to do what they are designed to do. My tests at the Doctor’s office earlier in the day were better and I felt quite good in the afternoon. So, I figured a walk up to Djupvikhaugen couldn’t be of harm. Especially if it took it slow and easy.

Onto the Djupvikhaugen path

Walking up to Djupvikhaugen sent me back to 2008, when I had been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about a month before going to Italy to climb Gran Paradiso. So for some weeks, Borgundkollen (71m, Ålesund) was the max of what I could do. But once the medicine started working, I quickly regained my strengths and headed for Italy. Unfortunately, I was not able to even give the upper mountain a try due to altitude sickness

Karma on Djupvikhaugen

At least the memory gave me comfort in the sense that a better tomorrow is awaiting…

Myrvåg/Dragsund view from Djupvikhaugen

Trip statistics: 2,9km, 90 vertical meters, 0h:45m

Osberget (134m), Jan 7 2023

On our way to Osberget

Saturday: Today, I took a trip to Ulsteinvik and did a nice and easy walk across Osberget.

View from Osberget

Nothing much to report. Karma was happy to be outside the local region and so was I…

Overdressed, just to be on the safe side…

Trip statistics: 2km, 105 vertical meters, 0h:36m
Pictures (Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the walk:


Djupvikhaugen (98m), Jan 7 2023

Back on Djupvikhaugen

Saturday: I was clearly on a positive curve, and “treated” myself with an afternoon walk to Djupvikhaugen.

Myrvåg/Dragsund seen from Djupvikhaugen

Trip statistics: 3km, 90 vertical meters, 0h:48m


Rambjøra (132m), Jan 8 2023

Our route across Rambjøra

Sunday: The first part of this Sunday was pretty OK and I decided to take a slow and easy hike up to Rambjøra.

After a few minutes, I ran into Torleiv Orheim – another “peakbagger” that had driven all the way from Nordfjord to “bag” some easy coastal tops. We met on the very memorable ski-trip to Snønipa back in 2012. We haven’t been hiking since, but we follow each other on FB.

Torleiv – returning from Rambjøra

This was a nice hike. Daylight, OK weather and a rising curve.

Karma was happy

Perhaps the higher coastal tops would be in reach in not too long?

Some of our coastal tops

We had heaps of snow at home in December, but it’s all gone now. Only the higher tops have some snow left but wasn’t really good skiing conditions right now.

Vanylven mountains with very little snow

I went home and logged “OK” as day status for the first time in 2023. The status scale is easy; “Crap”, “OK” and “Good”. I really looked forward to when I could log “Good”!

Ulsteinvik seen from Rambjøra

Trip statistics: 3,4km, 130 vertical meters, 1h:03m

Dragsund, Jan 8 2023

Trying every variation I could find this week…

Sunday: I wasn’t quite sure if the Rambjøra hike was a good idea, because I felt a bit rotten afterwards. I still decided to walk the dog to Dragsund in the afternoon. I didn’t bother to bring the camera or the phone. Nothing exciting would “turn up”.

The only interesting thing was how many variations to the route was it possible to do…

Trip statistics: 3,6km, 30 vertical meters, 0h:56m

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