Still a whole lot of weather…

On Rjåhornet


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
24.04.23 Andhovden 512m 9m Sogndal, Norway   MAP
25.04.23 Skjeggen 738m 25m Sogndal, Norway WCP MAP
26.04.23 Høgåsen 182m 99m Volda, Norway WCP MAP
27.04.23 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
27.04.23 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
28.04.23 Rundevarden 333m 333m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
28.04.23 Sandshornet 245m 57m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
29.04.23 Hustadneset Ørsta, Norway
30.04.23 Saursegga 516m 93m Sande, Norway WCP MAP
30.04.23 Gjøna 531m 163m Sande, Norway WCP MAP

Andhovden (512m), Apr 24 2023

Our route across Andhovden

Monday: My hiking week began in Leikanger/Hermansverk – a 20-minute drive west of Sogndal. There is one hike I do at least once per year – starting at Njøs, across Andhovden and up to Våkeldahaug (approx. 660m) and return via a steep tractor road.

I particularly enjoy the “S1” trail from the Njøs power plant.

On the S1 trail to Andhovden

The trail is overall steep, but by no means scary – even for those with a low tolerance for heights…

Hey! You can’t use the rope!

Just before the Bjørgahaug viewpoint, the trail from Grauthaug joins the S1 trail. You also get Andhovden in view here.

Andhovden comes into view

Bjørgahaug is a mighty fine viewpoint above Leikanger/Hermansverk.

View from Bjørkahaug

The route up to Andhovden throws in a challenge for the small ones but is easier than it looks.

You remember this pitch, right?

From Andhovden, you have a good view towards Kyrafossen – if there is water in it. On this roundtrip hike, you see the Kyrafossen signpost several times. The easiest route runs via Våkeldahaug – a viewpoint to the right of the waterfall.

Kyrafossen and Våkeldahaug to the right (just a mailbox, not a top)

On the way down, I found a new variation; I didn’t go across Andhovden but took the Kyrafossen trail. This trail took me to the tractor road, which means I didn’t have to hike the entire tractor road on my way down.

In the forest, on the Kyrafossen trail that first takes you to the tractor road

From Våkeldahaug, you can continue up to Hangsete and further up to the Skriki mountain if you want to extend this hike.

Like always, I very much enjoyed my round today.

Kyrafossen (center), Våkeldahaug and Andhovden further right

Trip statistics: 6,4km, 700 vertical meters, 1h:50m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Skjeggen (738m), Apr 25 2023

Our route across Skjeggen

Tuesday: Skjeggen is a typical spring hike for me, and it was only now I realized why. When I need a break from the skiing, I’d typically hike up to the snow line. And Skjeggen is one of the few named tops that offer a good hike in the April-May timeframe.

From a distance, there didn’t seem to be too much snow. I was wrong…


I parked at Røvhaugane and began chatting with a group of students from Bergen Arkitekthøgskule.

Having a nice chat with the students

They were building a “Gapahuk” on Røvhaugane. It will be fun to see the result. I’ll be back with updates on this.

Project info

Next, I sat course for Skjeggen.

Heading for Skjeggen

On my way, I had to pass through Åberge. It’s particularly nice there at this time of the year…

Does it get cuter?

From Åberge, I decided to try to find a route straight up the forest. That wasn’t any fun and will not be repeated.

Not fun at all…

Eventually, the terrain opened up and the bush war came to an end.

One can stay dry for days, here…

But with open terrain also came snow. And it was deep and rotten

The snow didn’t carry our weight, except for Karma’s – right here…

It was worth the effort, though.

Sogndal view from Andhovden

Descending the upper forest was a nightmare. Plain and simple.

On our way down to Åberge, we passed Kjørrdalen. There was a guy inside and he told me that the local hiking organization – Sogndal Turlag – would be able to offer this cabin as a resting place for day hikers.


At Åberge, I noticed that Anne’s car was not outside her apartment 😉

Hmm… Anne’s not home

Trip statistics: 7,7km, 660 vertical meters, 2h:25m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Høgåsen (182m), Apr 26 2023

Our route across Høgåsen

Wednesday: After work, I left Sogndal and sat course home to Sunnmøre. The weather was not good at all, and I felt no desire to go hiking. But as I passed Hjartåbygda in Volda there was a break in the rain and snow, and I decided to do a quick hike across the low forest hill Høgåsen.

The beginning of the route is found by the local school.

Ready for Høgåsen

The lower part of the forest is green and pretty.

Nice forest!

It didn’t take long before we reached the high point and by now it was snowing!

On top of Høgåsen

On the way down, we stopped by the local “Gapahuk” (very close to the top)

At the Gapahuk

Next, we followed the path down to Furnes.

To Furnes

As we returned to the trailhead, it was snowing a lot! I still hadn’t changed to summer tires, which I was happy about now.

Holy cow…

Trip statistics: 2,9km, 175 vertical meters, 0h:43m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Rjåhornet (600m), Huldrehornet (271m), Apr 27 2023

Our route across Rjåhornet and Huldrehornet

Thursday: This afternoon, I was on a mission for “Turstiprosjektet Myrvåg/Tjørvåg” – the local organization that is maintaining the trail network on the north side of Gurskøy island. The mission was post “Stikkut” stickers on top of Rjåhornet and Huldrehornet, as the two tops were on the list of “Stikkut” tops for 2023. “Stikkut” is an initiative for Møre og Romsdal county to motivate people to go hiking.

The weather seemed unpredictable and on our way from Stemmedalen, I felt that anything could happen…


We dodged the first snow shower

Better be prepared…

… and could climb the steep section on fairly dry rock.

The steep section

The second snow/hail shower hit us directly and I had to find a route where we got the weather from behind and where we could get off the mountain if the weather got too bad.

I was looking for signs of discomfort from Karma’s side, but she had just spotted a hare and didn’t notice the weather at all.

Looks like we’re good?

Then the snow & hail shower passed, and we could reach the top in OK weather.

We’re definitely OK…

A few minutes later, the “Stikkut” sticker was on top of Rjåhornet!

One down, one to go

The weather was still “gloomy”. Better get off while we were “ahead” …

Descending Rjåhornet

Our next stop was Huldrehornet, and the next snow & hail shower was already upon us.

On the way to Huldrehornet

It was quite a “weather day” …

Hurry up…

We were really “getting it” on the meadow before Huldrehornet.


We were in the clear by the time we reached the top and now the 2nd sticker was in place. Mission accomplished!

The sticker in place on Huldrehornet

Trip statistics: 9,3km, 770 vertical meters, 2h:30m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Varden on Runde (333m), Lundeura, Apr 28 2023

Our hike across Varden on Runde

Friday: Anne had arrived from Sogndal and wanted to go to Runde island and observe that the visitors (hopefully) didn’t disturb the puffins.

She dropped me and Karma off on the Runde side of the Runde bridge, as we would hike across Varden and meet her at Lundeura – where the puffins are.

First, a steep hike up the forest…

This is a steep route!

When we got up on the ridge, we had a good view towards Rundebranden and Lundeura.

View towards Rundebranden

But first – Varden – the island high point.

To Varden

Then we sat course for Lundeura.

Karma knows where to find mommy…

There were not many visitors in Lundeura, but there was a WHOLE LOT of puffins!

A great evening in Lundeura

And the puffins were NOT shy!

Yo! All good?

Even Karma’s presence didn’t stop them from landing just in front of us…

Karma didn’t trigger on the puffins. Sort of like crows. “Interesting, but … nah…”

Big fun!

A memorable evening!

Eventually, we called it a day and headed down to Goksøyr where Anne had parked the car.

To Goksøyr

Trip statistics: 7,3km, 490 vertical meters, 2h:12m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

“Dugnad” at Hustadneset, Apr 29 2023

Saturday: Today, we had promised to help some friends at their cabin at Hustadneset – near Sæbø, Ørsta. It was almost May, but recent snowfall didn’t make us think about spring just yet.

On our way to Sæbø, not getting the spring vibe…

The weather forecast wasn’t good, but we hoped that it wouldn’t be raining (or snowing) ALL the time.

Hjørundfjord view

There were many things to do, but fortunately I had been assigned to taking down trees and chopping wood. Another group was busy putting turf on the roofs.

Good throw!

I had brought my electric chainsaw, which I just love!

My “base”

And after some time, the weather got dramatically better. For a while…

That’s more like it!

Then it was lunchtime. I didn’t join the others for too long, as I had lots of work to do…


The result was two piles of wood, from bottom to ceiling – only one shown here.

Drying time: 1 year

It was nice to spend the day with good friends and do some hard labor for a change…

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Max Pro) from the day:

Saursegga (516m), Gjøna/Nipa (531m), Apr 30 2023

Our route across Saursegga and to Gjøna (and back)

Sunday: In the morning, I got a text from our friend Lise, who wanted to know about the snow conditions on Ytre Søre Sunnmøre. Lise and her husband Ove are two of the most notorious “peakbaggers” in Norway. Ove was the first one to visit ALL of the 1130 pf100 tops in Møre og Romsdal county. This weekend, she was in my parts of the country with their son Vinjar. At age 9, he has also “logged” a significant number of pf100 tops – more than 500!

We hadn’t seen Lise since Vinjar was born and we quickly decided to go on a trip together this Sunday. Lise wanted to go to Gjøna, and as that’s one of our favorite walks on Gurskøy island, we were more than happy to come along!

We started out from the top of Haugsbygda.

At Haugsbygda

The weather was unpredictable and while we hoped for the best, we were also prepared for the worst!

Rising above Haugsbygda

The weather was OK by the time we got Saursegga in clear view. But we could feel that the wind was picking up.

Saursegga comes into view

As mentioned earlier, this surely didn’t feel like spring

A whole lot of snow!

I looked forward to getting up on Saursegga as I find the onward ridge really beautiful. Lise had (of course) been to Gjøna before, but from Muren. As such, she had not hiked this ridge.

Across Saursegga

She enjoyed it. Vinjar didn’t say a lot, but my guess is that he found it enjoyable as well!

Across Saursegga

After Saursegga, Gjøna was the next target.

To Gjøna

The wind was really strong, but we’ve all been out on a windy day before.

Hold on to your hats!

The ascent to Gjøna is quite steep and Vinjar seemed to have the time of his life…

This little guy will surely become a climber one day!

Did I mention it was windy?

Nice, but…

But eventually, we reached the top of Gjøna!

On top of Gjøna, aka Nipa

We took the same route back down and now we had fog!

Descending in fog

Further down, the weather was OK, and the snow was history. Anne and I headed back home while Lise and Vinjar had more tops to do…

Returning to Haugsbygda

Trip statistics: 8,8km, 730 vertical meters, 3h:46m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike: