Haveren, June 25 2016

Lofoten, day 3

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Haveren 808m 805m Vestvågøy GPX
Airy walk on Haveren

Summer vacation 2016 continued…

Another foggy day in Lofoten. The day before, the fog lifted in the afternoon and we hoped this would happen again today. Anne-May and Jan went on a motorcycle trip while Anne, Karma and I drove to Vestvågøy island to hike Haveren.

We drove to (west of Dalvatnet) and talked to some locals who gave us a starting point for the hike; go across the meadow, aim for the west end of the lake and look for a path. We did exactly that and found the path. Without it, the ascent up from the lake would have been cumbersome…

A rough sketch of our ascent route

The path took us into Trolldalen and switchbacked up to the ridge, in a steep hillside. When we arrived on the ridge we also entered the fog.

On the ridge between Litlhaveren and Haveren

The first part of the ridge was boring, but when we got to Sletthaveren, the terrain got more far interesting. We followed the edge the ridge turned gradually more narrow

Nope – it’s not THIS way…

The final hike up the ridge was just big fun. We didn’t know how difficult this ridge would be, but it never amounted to more than easy scrambling.

A narrow and exposed, but yet easy ridge to Haveren

Finally, we arrived on the summit at 2:47pm – 2h:20m after heading out from Bø.

On top of Haveren

We followed the same route down, except for a quick visit to Litlhaveren (471m). On a foggy hike like this, it’s best to stick to the edge throughout the hike. That way, we know exactly where we are at all times.

Following the edge is quite helpful

We returned to the car 4:20pm – 3h:50m after leaving the car. Then we returned to our cabin in Kabelvåg for lunch. Our friends were still out on their motorcycle trip, so after a little while I went to hike Store Kongstind and Løva (separate post).

Trip statistics: 9,7km, 820 vertical meters, 3h:50m

Pictures from the hike: 

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