Kammen, Aug 13 2016

A good workout and hike

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Kammen 764m 51m Sogndal GPX
Barsnesfjorden, seen from the way to Kammen

Kammen (the comb) is not a peak, but at least it’s a top (with a promincence of 51m) with nice views towards Barsnesfjorden on the way up. But more important, there is a tractor road all the way to the top. Which is very convenient after days of rain, when you don’t want to be soaking wet from the grass before 5 minutes have passed.

Today, I decided to go there for a workout, which means to jog (no matter how bad it looked) from the cattle guard at Flåten (100m elev.) and to the top of Kammen (764m). 664 vertical meters spread across 4km.

Anne dropped me off at Kvam and then drove to England (a farm further east). She would then start walking upwards and hopefully we would meet somewhere around Imesdal.

The route from Kvam to England, via Kammen and Imesdal

The weather forecast was rain all day, but when it stopped raining we got into the car and drove to Kvam. Karma (the dog) and I started walking 11:57am the 300 meters up to the cattle guard where I would start jogging.

Below Flåten. Karma is not very interested in sheep

It took me 39m:50s to reach the top of Kammen. This included some minor stops for checking the GPS for which way to go in a fork, in addition to a few pictures along the way. It was hard work from start to finish, and this was jogging – not running. It probably looked bad, too. Karma was good company and didn’t (like always) pay much notice to the many sheep along the tractor road.

Top of Kammen in view. The tractor road was really slippery

If I go back one more time, when it hasn’t been raining for days, my total time would surely improve. The upper part of the tractor road was muddy and really slippery. I had to use extra energy to avoid slipping too much.

On top of Kammen

On top, the fog moved in, but at least it wasn’t raining. I started jogging towards Imesdal but had to be very careful to avoid falling on the muddy road. I met Anne just below Imesdal. She still suffering from a virus and decided to take it easy today. We have a long and hard trip planned for tomorrow.

Above Imesdal

The time was 1:33pm when we reached the car at England. It was a nice 8km trip and it felt really good to run .. eh jog .. up a mountain again. A bad knee has forced me to restrict myself to hiking all year, but now it seems as things are looking up…

Pictures from the trip:

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