Middagshornet, Sep 11 2016

Back again, 10 years later

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location Link
Middagshornet 1091m 381m Ørsta GPX WCP
Why people hike Middagshornet…

The weather on this Sunday was unstable, with rain showers coming and going. The weather ruled out a visit to higher mountains and I proposed to my girlfriend Anne that we should go to Middagshornet. This year, it would be 10 years since my first (and only) visit to this peak, and back then I had my former dog Troll with me. I reckoned this would be a nice tribute to a late friend…

Left: with Troll in 2006. Right: with Karma in 2016

Back in 2006, my friend Terje and I went from Erdalen. That’s a good route, but I suggested that we should hike from Høgebakken / Vartdalsætra in Årskogdalen.

Heading out from Høgebakken. Middagshornet to the left.

It was raining cats and dogs on our way to Årskogdalen. But it was just raining light when we headed out from from Høgebakken. However, there was a strong wind coming up from Romedalen. We decided to walk in our light clothes as long as we could, before we put on rain trousers and Gore-tex jackets.

Rain showers, coming and going

We followed the path towards Romedalen for 0,8km before we went off-trail in the direction of Middagshornet. We chose to follow the landslide zone, caused by the massive rainfall in 2013. Two hikers came up from Romedalen and a family of four were on their way down. This is a popular peak for people in many regions, also in not-so-good weather.

Aiming for the landslide ahead of us

We reached the ridge at 880m elevation. It had stopped raining and the weather was just great. And so was the view!

Almost up on the ridge

The ridge upwards might look dramatic, but the path follows a safe route. You need to use your hands in a couple of places, but there is nothing difficult about it. Karma took care of herself, once we pointed out where we wanted her to walk.

Up the ridge

We reached the top 2:05pm – 1h:25m after heading out. It was good to be back. I had completely forgotten how amazing the view is!

View from Middagshornet. Molladalstindane in center

After a round of pictures, I had to put on my Gore-tex jacket. The wind was still strong! If it hadn’t been for this wind, we would have stayed up here longer. But we both wanted to get back down from the wind.

Descending from Middagshornet

On our way down, more hikers were on their way up the ridge. It’s good to see that people go outdoors even when the weather is a bit rough.

Nice view towards Klovetinden and Masdalskloven (the gap)

We returned to the car 3:25pm – 2h:45m after heading out. 2 minutes later, it started pouring down again.

Looking back on Middagshornet

Pictures from the hike:



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