Spefjell and Tylderingen, Oct 2 2016

A wonderful, wonderful hike!

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Spefjell 1104m 54m Sogndal/ Luster GPX
Tylderingen 1104m 214m Sogndal
Lake Dalavatnet. 10:40am. 0,5 deg. C. 

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, and while it was very tempting to go to the higher peaks, there were two arguments against doing so; 1) driving high with summer tires would not be a good idea and 2) there was snow from 1100m and up, and walking in snow would be cumbersome in the long run. So we chose a very good route that took us up TO the snow, but not IN it.

Today’s route. Up from Dalavatnet and down to Fretland

Anne and I took our cars and drove up Sogndalsdalen. We left my car at Fretland (510m) below Tylderingen, and then we drove up to Dalavatnet and parked Anne’s car at Svedal (400m). The car thermometer said it was 0,5 degrees outside…

Ready for departure. The temperature is almost 0 deg. C., but the sun is warming

Our first goal was the Grøssete cabin (860m). We left the car 10:50am and followed marked path up the forest. The path was wet after days of rain, but we had good footwear. The distance to Grøssete was approx. 2km.

Grøssete comes into view

Grøssete is one of many old shepard huts in Sogndalsdalen. The main hut is run by Sogndal Turlag (the local trekking association), and you can sleep here if you have the key to the huts. We had a good pause here. The sun was shining and I was enjoying the day without my shirt. Amazing contrasts compared to earlier in the day!

Enjoying life at Grøssete

Our next stop was Spefjell (1104m). We followed the path towards the Navarsete huts, but went off-trail just south of lake Navarsetvatnet. We came across a very cool rock, which I just had to climb. It wasn’t easy getting up and it was even harder getting down…

Today’s climbing activity…

We continued hiking up Spefjell and soon met the thin layer of snow. All ponds were frozen and there were lots of signs of winter being around the corner…

We reached the top of Spefjell at 1:30pm. There wasn’t much wind, but it was nice to put on a a warm jacket while enjoying lunch and a hot drink. There are not many more finer moments in life than these…

Lunch on Spefjell

Nerd stuff: The map says that Spefjell is 1103m, but a former version on the Økonomisk Kartverk map stated that the height is 1104,43m. Tylderingen’s height was stated to be 1104,51m, which makes Tylderingen “the parent” when calculating the primary factor.

Then we continued towards Tylderingen (1104m). We had to descend to 900m before we could join the path from Kleiv and Stepin. On the way down from Spefjell, we met our friend Tom Dybwad and his dog Tina. The dogs said hello in a polite manner, then walked separate ways…

Meeting Tom Dybwad on the way down from Spefjell

The path to Tylderingen offers some a spectacular view towards Sogndalsdalen, and I always love this part of the route…

View towards Dalavatnet and Sogndalsdalen

We reached Tylderingen at 3:10pm and we were not alone up there. In addition to the 4 on top, we met 4 girls on their way down, and 2 boys arrived on the summit some minutes later.

On Tylderingen

Plan A was to descend to Fretland, where I had my car. Plan B was to continue all the way to Nuken and then to Sogndal. It would be more than 5km to Nuken alone, and then at least 7km to Sogndal. That would have been OK, if it hadn’t been for the fact that our cars were in two other places. After discussing it, we both felt that descending to Fretland would be the preferred option.

Hurrungane view

So we followed the path to Fretland, and once again we made things difficult for ourselves below Stokksete. A short-cut through the forest ended up in a real challenge in getting across a barbwired, electrical fence.

Descending from Tylderingen


At 4:34pm, we reached my car at Fretland. The total hike took 5h:15m, across 13,5km and 1030 vertical meters. It was an amazing hike!

Arriving at Fretland

Pictures from the hike: 



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