Byttejuvet and Amlaholten, Oct 30 2016

A nice day in the Kaupanger forest

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP GPX
Byttejuvkampen 560m 0m Sogndal GPX
Amlaholten 508m 265m Sogndal WCP
Above Byttejuvet and Sognefjorden

It happens from time time. When neither Anne nor I want to go out in the unstable weather to explore the higher mountains surrounding Sogndal. This also happened the day before – where we went to Søre Gråbrørne. So we looked at the map and found that none of us had been to Byttejuvet – a few km west of Sogndal Lufthamn (airport) Haukåsen.

Our route to and from Byttejuvkampen

We parked east of the airport, got on our bikes and followed the gravel road on the south side of the airport. Then we passed nedre and øvre Haukåsen – where the 3rd season of the popular TV show “Farmen” (“The Farm”) was shot in 2004.

A nice biking route

We continued on bike to the road end above Seljeløypet and proceeded on foot to Byttejuvkampen (approx. 560m).

Anne and Karma on Byttejuvkamben

A “bytting” is a child who, is left or taken in the place of another exchanged by underworld people. Apparently, the “bytting” was a really ugly creature and at a steep cliff (“juv“) like Byttejuvet – one can imagine that some were thrown off the cliff. If you believe the tales…

Karma is NOT an ugly creature and is definitely safe up here

After a round of pictures, we followed the tractor road back to the bikes.


Afterwards, we drove to Festingsdalen and did a round trip hike across Amlaholten (508m). It’s an easy hike along a good path, and it’s always nice to walk the forests of Kaupanger.

On the way up Amlaholten

Pictures from the trips:



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