Skjeggen & Kjørkhovden, Nov 20 2016

Plan B when I forgot to bring skis…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Skjeggen 738m 25m Sogndal
Kjørkhovden 748m 30m Sogndal GPX
On Skjeggen with Anne & Karma

Every other weekend, I travel from Ytre Søre Sunnmøre to Sogndal, where my girlfriend Anne lives. After years of “commuting”, I know of course that November means winter here. But as November does not automatically mean winter on the Sunnmøre coastline, bringing skis was not on my mind when I packed (in a hurry) for departure on Friday afternoon.

So what to do in Sogndal without skis? Walk in snow. We looked at the map and I found that I hadn’t been to Skjeggen before. It’s not really a peak, but at least it’s a named “hump”, and I collect those too…

We parked at Åberge, and followed the path towards Bjedlastølen before we decided to try to find a good route up the steep forest. Except for crossing a wired fence, the hike up to Skjeggen was unproblematic.

On the way to Skjeggen

At Skjeggen, we agreed to continue towards Kjørkhovden, then descend to Hyllsete and head back to Åberge via the mountain road. The snow didn’t cause any problems for Anne and me, but we could see that the snow was piling up on Karma. But, we expected she would be OK, given the short hike.


Karma was much more focused on fresh deer tracks in the forest, than worrying about the snow sticking to her fur. But it was clear that Kjørkhovden was as far as we could go before we had to begin our descent.

Nice view towards Barsnesfjorden

After passing Kjørkhovden, we aimed for Hyllsete and aimed for the “motorway” back to Åberge (lots of people walk up and down here) and Karma lost snow proportionally to the increase in temperature…

Towards Åberge

After the hike, we drove to Ane – the breeder of Karma and her 8 siblings. It was nice for Karma to see her mother Ella and sister Turte again. We went for a little walk on Røvhaugane before we headed back home.

Karma, Turte, Ella, Ane and Anne on Røvhaugane

Pictures from the hike: 

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