Storehaugfjellet, Feb 11 2017

Modest exercise?

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Storehaugfjellet 1173m 990m Sogndal WCP
Another gorgeous day by the Sognefjord.

This was a hike out of the ordinary. On Friday morning, I was really sick – shaking from the fever – and had been doing so all week. I still cannot understand how I was able to put in 50 hours of work that week!

So when I finally got my appointment with my Doctor at noon on Friday, I was diagnosed with a Acute pyelonephritis (some kind of kidney infection) and the CRP was almost 100. Apparently high. I went straight on antibiotics on Friday afternoon and then took the 3,5 hour drive to my girlfriend Anne in Sogndal.

Already the same evening, I felt better, and on the next morning I felt like born again. The Doctor said that modest exercise would not hurt (I asked him of course…), and so I figured that a walk up to Storehaugfjellet in a modest pace would fit right into that category.

My route up and down Storehaugfjellet

I drove to Sogndal Lufthamn Haukåsen (the local airport, 500m elev.) and the intention was to hike up the mountain service road. But at the trailhead, that felt just boring, so I decided to go straight up the mountain. The snow was frozen and carried my weight.

Going straight up. Come what may…

I had never hiked straight up here before, and when I came out of the thick forest, I saw a steep hillside in front of me. With only slippery terrain shoes on my feet, I felt that my grip on the snow could be … bad.

Karma has claws and no issues on hard snow

I had to improvise. The birch forest provided me with two hiking poles that made the ascent feel somewhat safe.

McGyver style…

In a couple of slopes high up on the mountain, the snow was so hard that I really had to search for a safe route up.

But we reached the summit safe and sound, approx. 1,5 hours after leaving the airport. I was not alone up there. A couple of hikers were already on top, and a skier arrived on top the same minute as I did. More people were on their way down and up the mountain. No wonder, as it was a gorgeous day!

Storehaugfjellet summit view

After a round of pictures, I decided to take the mountain service road down. I stuck to the road until 780m, then I went off-trail and aimed directly towards the airport. After a little while, I passed a few old cabins that I didn’t know was there. After checking the map, I found that the place was called Skogasete.


A bit later, I was back on the mountain service road and returned to the car, 2,5 hours after leaving it. I felt a little guilty, as I didn’t know if this what the Doctor considered to be “modest exercise”. But I checked with him again later, and he didn’t mind my daily walks up a mountain at all. That’s my kind of Doc!

Pictures from the hike: 

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