Easter diary, Apr 13 2017

Klundbykampen, Leinetoppen, Storsvehøgda

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Klundbykampen 363m 100m Gjøvik
Leinetoppen 339m 101m Ringsaker
Storsvehøgda 375m 112m Ringsaker
Anne, Bjørn, Eva and Karma on the way to Storsvehøgda

Continued from Easter vacation, day 5:

Day 1 at “Hotel Rudsenga” in Scheeskroken, Hov, Søndre Land. It’s always nice to visit our friends Eva and Bjørn. It’s one of the very few places I completely relax as a guest. It was a big leap from skiing on Kvamsfjellet in Nord-Fron to hiking in the Randsfjorden region. I had “bagged” 9 pf100 tops so far this Easter, and everyone could see that I was on … a roll. The others were afraid I would be impossible to be around if I didn’t get at least one new top today, so they asked if I had planned something for the day.

Actually – Yes! I had already been to the closest forest tops in the region, so I had been looking for some “bonus tops” (little effort) closer to Mjøsa – the biggest lake in Norway. A car trip to the Mjøsa region, including a couple of short walks sat well with the others. So after breakfast, we got in Bjørn’s car, heading for Mjøsa.

Ready for “adventures”


Klundbykampen is located just west of the bridge across Mjøsa. We drove up to the Klundby farm, rang the doorbell for permission to park, but nobody was home. So, we parked near the farm, hoping noone would turn up in the next 30 minutes. On my GPS, I could see a path going up to the forest ridge. It didn’t take long to find it, and we were on our way up the forest.

On the way to Klundbykampen

It took us 13 minutes (!) to get to the top of Klundbykampen. My pf 100 top #10 this Easter was in the bag, and I would be slightly easier to be around for the rest of the day. But why stop now?

On Klundbykampen. Hard to guess that this is a forest top with pf > 100m


It actually seemed that Eva and Bjørn found this activity weird enough to be interesting. So they didn’t mind driving across Mjøsa – to visit Leinetoppen in Ringsaker.

Between Eriksrud and Sjåheim, we turned onto the road leading to Leine and parked the car so that the hike would at least be 10 minutes…

Approaching the Leine farm

We passed the Leine farm and followed a tractor road into the forest. But in order to find the high point, we had to go off-trail and navigate by GPS in the thick forest.

15 minutes after leaving the car, we found the high point.

Mixed feelings on Leinetoppen

I could see on Eva’s face that she thought this was super-weird, but also with an element of fun in it. I took the opportunity to propose one more walk before calling it a day. Bjørn has a problem with a knee, so I had to take that into consideration while planning.


We drove up to Storsvea (still in Ringsaker municipality) and parked the car. My plan was to hike up to Storsvea, then go up the forest ridge and locate the top. From my GPS, I could see the possibility for a round trip hike, but that was something we could discuss on top.

Going for the triple

Just before Storsvea, we found a forest path going in the right direction. We followed it upwards and the forest walk was very nice.

A very nice forest walk to Storsvehøgda

The top was only 100m away from the path, and after a 22-minute walk, I could celebrate my pf100 top #12 this Easter. I felt like a junkie, very satisfied after with another needle – on the map.

On top of Storsvehøgda

The path continued to the northeast, so I proposed that we could take a chance and see if the path took us back to the trailhead. The others agreed.

Checking the course…

As I had hoped, the path finally turned to the south and led us right back to the starting point. 3,2km felt like a long distance, compared to the short walks earlier in the day.

All of us, me included, were now good and ready to return to Hov for a nice evening. Many thanks to Anne, Eva and Bjørn for supporting me on this … odd outing…

The 3 tops visited

Pictures from the hikes (walks): 

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