Easter diary, Apr 12 2017

Koto, Trabelifjellet, Vardkampen

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Koto 1015m 113m Sør-Fron
Trabelifjellet 1094m 161m Ringebu
Vardkampen 508m 170m Øyer
On top of Vardkampen

Continued from Easter vacation, day 4:


We checked out from our rented cabin on Kvamsfjellet around 9am on Wednesday morning, and parted with our friends Lena and Terje. It was snowing (lightly), but Anne and I decided to drive down to Kvam and up to Sødorpfjellet and see if we could find an easy approach to Koto.

We could drive all the way to Ressætra, which was only 1,7km west/northwest of Koto.

On the way to Koto

We skied along the road to Skardsætra, very happy that it wasn’t snowing up here and that we had a reasonable view.

Passing Skardsætra. Koto ahead.

Thanks to the temperature last night, along with the snowfall, skiing was gorgeous. The snow carried our weight and we enjoyed ourselves big time!

Up the forest

It didn’t take us long to reach the top of Koto, which we will always remember as K2.

Koto is “in the bag”

It was only 100 vertical meters from Koto to Skardsætra, but the descent was beautiful! The 3,6km trip took us only 40 minutes, and I was thrilled about getting my new 6th new pf100 (primary factor > 100 meters) top this Easter.

Trip tracks


We were on our way to our friends Eva and Bjørn in Hov (Søndre Land), and we were ahead of schedule. As such, we decided to drive up to Venabygdfjellet and ski Trabelifjellet.

Trabelifjellet ahead

This would indeed be a short ski-ascent, but at least it would be a new top! The weather was OK, although the light was bit flat…

Anne on the way to Trabelifjellet

We reached the top after 25 minutes, and extended the trip slightly by visiting the 1093m top 0,4km to the north.

On the north top

The (short) descent to the trailhead was nice. The snow carried our weight, my skis were speeding and Karma got a good run on my tail.

Trip tracks


VERY happy about my 8th Easter top, we were now definitely on our way to Eva and Bjørn in Hov. Until I noticed a forest top above Tretten that caught my attention. Surely – this had to be a pf100m top, and wasn’t there a road going pretty high?

Anne checked the map, confirmed my suspicion, and all of a sudden, we were on our way to a new top! On foot!

Vardkampen trailhead

The distance to the top was 1km (+) and at 3:47pm, I could claim my 9th Easter pf100 top!

View from Vardkampen

After a quick descent, we were on our way to Hov for sure! It was Eva’s birthday, and we absolutely wanted to the reach the 6pm sour cream porridge!

Trip tracks

Pictures from the Koto trip:

Pictures from the Trabelifjellet trip:

Pictures from the Vardkampen trip:


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