Easter diary, Apr 11 2017


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Gnedden 1111m 112m Sel
More fun on Kvamsfjellet

Continued from Easter vacation, day 3:

We woke up on Kvamsfjellet to a very windy day. Lena and Terje were our guests in our rented cabin. Snow showers came and went. It looked pretty much to be a day similar to the day before.

My proposal to Lena, Terje and Anne was that if the weather got just slightly better, we could ski Gnedden. I chose this top for several reasons. The most important one was that I wanted to visit it before leaving Kvamsfjellet. I just liked the name! The second was that it wasn’t a very high top, and the wind would probably not be too violent. The third was that there was a long forest road leading to the mountain, minimizing problems with snow that didn’t carry our weight. The others agreed, so the idea became a plan.

Rondane peaks

After breakfast, we drove down to Bakkom and parked our cars there. We walked the forest road to the upper Leinsætrin (2,8km) before putting the skis on.

The Bakkom trailhead

We then followed ski-tracks along the creek from Sekstjønnin, and the tracks helped us more or less from breaking through the snow.

A bit cumbersome route in the beginning…

Before reaching the Sekstjønnin lakes, we crossed a flat area that made us really wonder if we were able to reach the top with our skis on!

Hmm… skis off?

The upside was that the weather got better and better, and there was hardly any wind. Crossing the Sekstjønnin lakes was very nice!

Across the lake

From the lake, we skied up to the nearest ridge, where we got Gnedden in view.


Anne called for a lunch break, and we found a sheltered spot on the ridge.

Karma is very curious about Terje’s lunch

Eventually, it was time to move on, and we descended into the valley between the ridge we were on, and the ridge to Gnedden. It was actually the same ridge (horseshoe), but we took the direct route across.

I had high hopes that we could make it to the top with our skis on, and the further we got, the better it looked.

On the summit ridge


We left our skis less than 50m from the summit cairn, which is close enough to claim a  ski-ascent! Man, it was good to reach the top, after 3h:25m. The weather was gorgeous, the views were fantastic and sharing this experience with our good friends was just superb!

Group picture on Gnedden; Karma, Terje, Anne, Lena and me

The view towards Rondane was just great. (the highest peak in that range) is the main attraction…


Gnedden isn’t a mountain that offers a long and good run down on skis, but we enjoyed the few meters we got. The descent into the nearest valley was great fun!

Lena, heading down from Gnedden

The skating across Sekstjønnin was also fun, and the descent along the creek was challenging here and there…

Go, man! Go!

We walked down to the lower Leinsætrin cabins, put our skis on and had a fun ride down the forest road – to the bridge across the Tjønnåa river. The whole trip took 5h:45m, across 15,9km. Clearly the best trip so far this Easter!

Trip tracks

In the evening, we drove up to Rondablikk and enjoyed a nice buffet. A perfect end to a nice 4-day stay on Kvamsfjellet!

Pictures from the trip:

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