Longevashytta, Apr 30 2017


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Instengfjellet 1434m 324m Jølster/Gloppen
The good life in the Sunnfjord region

Continued from day 1 and 2…

Sunday morning, and our last day at the Longevasshytta in the Sunnfjord region. We had seen no wolverine tracks, but got two new tops (Litlebottsegga and Grønlifjellet) while trying…

Sunday morning at Longevasshytta

Today, the goal was Instengfjellet (1434m) on the Jølster – Gloppen border. Our plan was to ascend the northwest ridge and then traverse to the northeast ridge and make it to the summit from there.

Instengfjellet – the northwest ridge closest

We woke up early, had breakfast and checked out of the cabin 10:20am. The snow across the lake was rock hard and I didn’t have faith in a successful ascent. The mountain was steep enough to cause problems on hard snow. But we should at least give it a try!

We crossed the lakes Vassendevatnet and Kupevatnet and approached the northwest ridge from the northeast side – a bit more gentle slope than straight up from Kupevatnet.

Heading up Instengfjellet

After a series of “humps“, we reached the foot of the north facing summit plateau. As we had reckoned, there was no place to get up here and we begun the traverse over to the northeast side. We were mindful about avalanches from sun-melt – the junior sort of avalanches, but nevertheless.

Mindful about avalanches…

On the northeast ridge, we noticed that there was only one, narrow passage to the top. We had to avoid the cornices to our left, and there were icy parts to our right.

Anne in the narrow section

But the passage was just wide enough to be on the safe side, and shortly after we could celebrate the summit of Instengfjellet.

Anne and Karma on Instengfjellet

After a nice stay on top in the gorgeous weather, we descended our ascent route. The snow conditions didn’t get really good until the very last hill above Kupevatnet.

Descending Instengfjellet

Then followed a “transport leg” across lake Stigsvatnet until we could “enjoy” the final descent to Legestøylen. “Enjoy” in quotes, because the upper part was pure hell and the lower part was pure hell (rotten snow) in terms of skiing. Poor Karma, had to “swim” down the lower part.

Enjoyable descent (so far) to Legestøylen

We had to take the skis off before Legestøylen and had a 3,5km walk back to the car.

At Legestøylen

It was a perfect weekend with my small family.

Trip tracks

Pictures from the trip: 

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