Summer vacation: July 16 2017

More hikes on Venabygdfjellet

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Svartfjellet 1154m 241m Ringebu
Dynjefjellet 1151m 156m Ringebu
Big landscape, little girl…

Continued from July 15…

Sunday morning on Spidsbergseter. It had rained all night and the fog was so thick that we couldn’t even see the sheep mowing the lawn outside the window. But the forecast promised better weather closer to noon so we decided to go on a trip from Spidsbergseter before setting the course towards Femunden.

Spidsbergseter – early morning

The pool was next door (literally) and we could walk directly into it (via the shower, of course) While we felt that room had quite a poor standard, and a rip-off, the pool was quite impressive. Actually, there were several pools. The main pool had a small climbing wall above it. Bonus! Climbing barefooted was a bit painful, but we both made it up to the roof!

After breakfast, we checked out of the hotel. The plan was that Anne and I should bike together for a while, then Karma and I would head for Svartfjellet (1154m) and Dynjefjellet (1151m), while Anne went for a longer bike trip. With an inflammation in her knee, she has to be careful with hiking for a while.

Heading out from Spidsbergseter

Anne planned to bike around lake Flaksjøen, so we split company 1,5km west of Spidsbergseter. Karma and I continued south, towards the road leading to Svartfjellsetra. I could see the fog gradually lifting, according to the weather forecast.

The fog is lifting

I left the bike just before Svartfjellsetra and had hiked for 5 minutes when Anne called me on the phone. There was no biking path around Flaksjøen and now that she saw the fog lifting, she wanted to join us towards Svartfjellet.

Anne joins us and Karma is very happy…

They say that the route to Svartfjellet is the local version of Besseggen – a famous, narrow ridge route in Jotunheimen, Norway. I would say that is an exaggeration of enormous proportions, and very, very few people, if anyone at all, would have a problem ascending the ridge to Svartfjellet.

On our way up Svartfjellet

But it was a nice hike, although the fog didn’t completely lift when we arrived the summit.

I forgot to give Karma her summit candy, so she reminded me…

After a short stay on top, we headed down the same way and split company once again. Anne would go for a bike trip around Trabelifjellet (which we skied in our Easter break) and Karma and I was aiming for Dynjefjellet.

We followed the path to Dynjefjellet, but got side winded by a trailsign that led us into a terrible bog area. Once wet, there was no turning back and we just had to bite the bullet.

Towards Dynjefjellet – in a terrible bog

Once across the bog, we aimed directly for the summit and got there a couple of minutes before a couple (father and daughter, I presume) – whom we briefly talked to on our way down from Svartfjellet. I turned out that they were peakbaggers too, but they had not heard about I showed them the app, and by the looks of it, they got hooked…

Karma and I went over to a major cairn 75m southeast of what I thought was the high point. Then the couple headed towards a top 0,4km southeast of the grand cairn. Not having checked my GPS, I came to the conclusion that we hadn’t been on the top yet, so we headed over there – only to find that the true summit was indeed the top we first had visited.

Karma and the grand cairn on Dynjefjellet

On the way down, we followed the path towards Dynjeskaret, and found the path leading back to the signpost where I made the wrong call during the ascent. Then I got a text message from Anne, asking about the status. She had the option of taking the main road back, or going back the same route as she came. When she learned that we were close to the road, she decided to go back the same way and meet us at the junction west of Svartfjellsetra.

Together again, looking back on Dynjefjellet and Svartfjellet

After 0,4km on the gravel road towards Spidsbergstulen, Anne proposed a short-cut across the meadow. The short-cut seemed promising at first, but then the trail turned into a path and then the path turned into a very marginal path. But at least we got to practice off-trail biking…

Not a very smart move, but fun at times…

Eventually, we returned to Spidsbergseter and got ready for our final departure towards Femunden

Pictures from the trip:


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