Summer vacation, July 27 2017

Highlight of the day: Langedrag!

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Gloppehovda 1193m 122m Nore og Uvdal
Tunhovåsen 1083m 139m Nore og Uvdal

Continued from July 26

Wolf pack @Langedrag

But first….


We left Kalhovd after breakfast and with a few days left our 2-week tour in southern Norway, we had no clear plan on where to go and what to do. The weather forecast was as summer forecast normally are – unreliable.

We agreed that it could be wise to head for the Geilo region and “be agile” in terms of responding to a good forecast in eastern or western Norway.

Coming down from the mountain to lake Tinnsjå, we turned left and drove up Tessungdalen. As we reached lake Sønstevatn, it was time to walk the dog and we decided to bike up Gloppehovda (1185m).

Gloppehovda – not a very impressive top, but still…

We parked below Imingfjell Turistheim and biked up the road leading up to the cabin area. With only a 130 meter ascent, it wasn’t a long trip. But we got ourselves a new mountain top and Karma got her walk.

On top of Gloppehovda


Anne suddenly realized that she had always wanted to visit Langedrag – a nature park with around 300 animals spread over 20 different species. So we started looking for accommodation nearby and ended up with a small cabin at Tunhovd Camping.

We drove straight to Langedrag, after we had called them and booked at guided trip into the wolf park.

Arriving at Langedrag

I am not a fan of neither family parks (nothing against the concept, though) nor animals in captivity. But Langedrag is not a Zoo, and I have the greatest faith in that animals on this farm live a good life. As such, I was looking forward to see wolves and lynx for the first time in my life.

While waiting for the guided trip, we watched the three non-domesticated wolves (the ones we would see up close later on) being fed by Tuva – the park owner.

The daily dinner is in the bag…

Next, we went to the lynx park where all 9 cats eventually turned up for dinner. These are just amazing animals. Watching the climb was a fantastic sight!

We’re talking BIG CATS here…

Then we moved over the park where the two domesticated wolves lived and watched Tuva feed the wolves, while demonstrating her – fragile, yet undisputed leadership of the pack.

The wolves, waiting for the signal from Tuva

After the lynx park, we moved over to the reindeer and the Arctic foxes. They seemed to get along well! We were allowed into the park and had the opportunity to feed both the reindeer and the foxes.

Arctic fox

Then it was time to go into the wolf park. We were a group of 13, and were prepped by a very skilled guide. They would obviously not bring people into the park if they didn’t trust the wolves, and as such, I didn’t feel anything. Neither excitement (I had already seen the wolves, and they looked just look other polar dogs) nor fear.

We sat down in a circle at the designated place and it took only a couple of minutes before the wolves showed up. I’m pretty sure if was the promise of food, over the interest for humans that made them come forward.

Two of the three wolves, the smell of raw meat is in the air…

The most surrealistic thing was to sit only a few yards away from 3 non-domesticated wolves, yet feeling nothing. I was more interested in listening to the guide than watching the wolves. But it was fun to have been in there, though.

The wolves – VERY used to humans visiting their territory…

We ended a nice stay at Langedrag with sour crème porridge and drove to our rented cabin at Tunhovd Camping.

Langedrag in a nutshell – animals going together well!


The cabin was small, but well equipped (except for no bathroom) and with an affordable price. No complaints.

Our cabin at Tunhovd Camping (picture taken the following day)

It was again time to walk the dog (who had been in the car during our visit to Langedrag) and we agreed to visit Tunhovdåsen.

We asked a local about a route to the top and we were recommended to hike via Hjallen. A car road turned into a tractor road, which turned into a path. The hike will not end up in the category “our longest hikes”, but we got ourselves the 2nd new top for the day, and Karma was happy about being on the trail again.

On top of Tunhovdåsen

It was nice to settle in at Tunhovd Camping, and look forward what the next day would bring. Sometimes it’s nice to know where we’ll go, and sometimes it’s not…

Pictures from the Gloppehovda bike trip: 

Pictures from Langedrag: 

Pictures from the Tunhovdåsen hike: 


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