Randsfjorden, Dec 27-30 2017

A couple of days with good friends

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Sjåheimen 610m 57m Søndre Land, Norway
Cross-country skiing in Søndre Land


After our Christmas vacation on Søre Fjellstølen, we sat course towards Hov by Randsfjorden, and our friends Eva and Bjørn (Anne’s cousin) in Scheeskroken. I dreaded the drive down from Søre Fjellstølen, because our rental car (ref. our car crash just before Christmas) didn’t feel good to drive at all. The tires were tragic. Yet, we were thankful that we were able to get it so quickly, in a difficult situation.

It’s always nice to come to Scheeskroken . We always feel so welcome. Elisabeth – Eva and Bjørn’s daughter was also home for Christmas. We had a very nice evening.

Dec 28 2017 – “Tour de Hov”

The next day, it was snowing heavily and we didn’t really feel for going skiing into the forest, breaking our own trail. But I was short of beer and had to go shopping. Thus, Anne and I decided to go shopping on skis.

Going shopping!

We skied down to the center of Hov, and continued all the way down to the fjord. Anne – who grew up in Hov, found this very, very charming.

By Randsfjorden

Then we skied back up to the city centre and I had to find a place to park my skis…

Found parking!

My backpack was MUCH heavier when we returned to Scheeskroken.

Pictures from Dec 28: 

Dec 29 2017 – Skihytta on Sjåheimen

It had stopped snowing the following day, and everyone was eager to go skiing into the forest. Except for Bjørn, who had to go to work.

Anne, Eva, Elisabeth, Karma and I started out from their house and had to break our own trail until we met the track machine. We had actually talked about turning around, but when we got brand new tracks, we decided to go all the way to Skihytta on Sjåheimen.

A nice day in the forest

At Skihytta, we turned around and took almost the same way back and returned to Scheeskroken after 15,3km of very nice skiing. I had not skied on cross-country skis or as long as I can remember.

Enjoying the work of the track machine

Back at Scheeskroken, we were invited to enjoy Eva and Bjørn’s new luxury item…

OK, it could be worse…

Pictures from Dec 29: 

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