Laviksåta and Fuglefjellet, May 25 2017

A couple of Høyanger tops

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Laviksåta 708m 370m Høyanger, Norway
Fuglefjellet 543m 145m Høyanger, Norway
On Fuglefjellet, in fog

The weather didn’t make these trips very memorable, but I’m putting it out there for my fellow peakbaggers. All knowledge about marked routes is good knowledge.


I was on my to Sogndal, and decided to take the LONG way there – via Lavik. There’s nothing like starting the weekend with two new tops!

At Lavik, I took 63 northbound and parked by Lavikstølane. There is parking, a Laviksåta signpost and a marked path to the top. The route runs pretty much westbound, easy to see and easy to follow. The distance to the top is approx. 1,5km and the vertical gain is approx. 400m.

On top of Laviksåta

I was blessed with rain and fog throughout my hike, but I finally got to “bag” this top that I had been thinking about for a number of years.


East of Lavik, I took the road to Bossdalen northbound and saw the “Fuglafjell” signpost just north of Øykjegarden. I drove a forest road 220m to its end.

I followed a tractor road eastbound and continued into the birch forest along a marked path. In the valley between Varden and Fuglefjellet, the path forked. I took the left (north) path to the top – approx. 1,7km and 300 vertical meters. I returned along the southern part of the loop.

On the way to Fuglefjellet

It was still raining and I had fog on top of the mountain. Still it was fun to be hiking in a region that I was totally unfamiliar with.

Very happy, I continued towards Sogndal and a nice weekend with my girlfriend.

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