5 Forest Tops, June 24-25

To and from a birthday party…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Mistberget 670m 262m Eidsvoll, Norway
Nynabben (Ninabben) 443m 150m Eidsvoll, Norway
Sætreberget 538m 230m Nord-Odal, Norway
Skjesæterberget 455m 112m Stange, Norway
Høsbjørkampen (Duåsen) 587m 184m Ringsaker, Norway
They know how to throw a party in Årnes

Any travel offers an opportunity for visiting a new mountain top.

So when Anne and I was invited to our friend Jan’s 60th birthday in Årnes (eastern Norway), I immediately started looking at the map to see what “was in the neighborhood”. We’re talking forest tops, of course. But any top with a primary factor >= 100m is a good top.

MISTBERGET, Jun 24 2017

Mistberget by Mjøsa

We drove from Sogndal on Saturday morning. Jan’s birthday party was in the afternoon. Enough time to squeeze in a short hike or two.

The first top on my list was Mistberget above Minnesund in Eidsvoll. A service road runs to the top and it starts by the south end of lake Dæla. Anne wanted to take the bike because of a bad knee. Thus, I decided to run. Only 4km up to the mast. Good exercise!

Mistberget trailhead

On the way up, I passed a guy on the way down and suddenly he called my name. It was Kjetil Svenkerud from Sykkylven, who was our late friend Arngeir Syversen’s hiking buddy. We met at the funeral, but I didn’t recognize him when I passed him. I didn’t expect to run into mates from western Norway on my way up Mistberget! Later in the year, I hiked Skarrabben with Kjetil – a “in memory of Arngeir” hike.

It took me 28 minutes to the top and had to wait for Anne, who was not in a hurry and enjoyed her bike trip. I noticed a fire lookout tower 250m to the south and decided to go there while Anne waited by the mast.

On top of Mistberget

The view from the tower was great, so I went back to Anne and recommended that she also took the trip, which she did.

The Mistberget mast seen from the lookout tower

Even a forest top can be a great hike and I enjoyed the day. But now the time had come for one more 4km run. But downhill this time.

We stopped by a small lake (not even on the map) and relaxed for a couple of minutes before returning to the car.

Life is good…

Pictures from the hike: 

NYNABBEN, June 24 2017


There was still time for another short hike, and the choice fell on Nynabben – 6,6km northeast of Mistberget and on the east side of Minnesund.

We parked near Røysilia and Anne decided to sit this one out. Literally. This would be a short hike anyway  – 2,3km up and down.

A nice path to Nynabben

A forest path took Karma and me up to the south ridge, and then up to the top. From here, we had a good view towards Mistberget. The hike took only 35 minutes.

View from Nynabben towards Mistberget

Pictures from the hike: 

JAN’S PARTY, June 24-25 2017

The weirdest birthday present ever?

Then it was time to set course towards Jan’s farm/mansion at Årnes. We checked into our room in the main building and went over to the barn (where the party was at) after a while.

Waiting for the party to begin

We left Karma under a tree, in her bed. I reckoned a number of people would stop by and say hello to her. I was right.

The party started and the barn was packed. I don’t even know who many was there. Friends and relatives. Speeches, music, dance and a good time!

The place was rockin’. Then came a couple of guys on bikes…

A bit later, we felt it was OK to bring Karma to the party. She found her place under the table and seemed content, despite the noise. More than anything, Barbets want to be with their family.

In the evening, we enjoyed chatting with other guests by the bonfire. It was a great party and it was nice Jan’s family.

Bonfire, barn party and a crazy vehicle

Pictures from the party: 

SÆTERBERGET, June 25 2017

“Better wait for daddy…”

After a nice breakfast the next morning, we left Årnes and I had already picked a few candidates for “walking the dog” on the way home to Sogndal. Sæterberget (Nord-Odal) was my first target. We drove to Skarnes and then along Storsjøen. We took a long forest road from Bjelker to a junction near Bjelkersætra. Anne decided to bike up the road to Stormyra while Karma and I headed towards Sæterberget.

Going separate ways

We followed an old tractor road until I saw the path leading up to Ekornholsætra. From here, we followed a vague path northbound until I saw the Sæterberget signpost. But the signpost was on a meadow, so this could not be the high point.

Arriving at Ekornholsætra

I continued north until I found the ridge, then headed southbound until I reached the high point.

On the high point, for sure!

Now that the high point was “in the bag”, we hurried back to the car, where Anne was waiting.

Pictures from the hike: 


Another one in the bag…

We continued northbound, along the road by Rasasjøen. None of us had been in this part of Norway before. Interesting sightseeing, in addition to bagging new tops.

Near Bånntjennet, we took a forest road (toll road) until we reached the forest road leading up to Skjesæterberget.

Skjesæterberget trailhead

Anne wanted to take the bike, which meant that Karma and I had to run again. Fortunately, it wasn’t a long trip – only 1,4km up to the mast.

The mast on Skjesæterberget

But the high point was in the forest somewhere, behind the mast. And after a short hike, we found it.

In search of the high point

Back at the car, I was quite content with 4 new tops and I wondered if wanting one more was pushing my luck. No harm in asking, though. Anne understands my passion in life…

Pictures from the hike: 


Hotel Høsbjør

We aimed for E6 and drove to Brummundal, where Høsbjørkampen would be a bonus hike. We drove up to Hotel Norge Høsbjør. This looked like quite an exclusive hotel and hosted a wedding this day.

A path up the forest begins next to the hotel, so I took Karma and hurried upwards while Anne waited in the car.

Nice forest path above Høsbjør

The forest area is called Høsbjørkampen on the map, but the top is called Duåsen. When we were just east of the high point, we went off-trail up the forest and located the high point. It wasn’t a very enjoyable walk, and it was raining. But I was now 5 tops “richer” and I knew that the drive back to Sogndal would be much more enjoyable now…

On top of Høsbjørkampen/Duåsen

Pictures from the hike: 




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