2018 Week 14

Afternoon hikes and ski-trips

Uglesætra – this week’s highlight…
Peak Height PF Location WCP
Røyrafjellet 123m 100m Ulstein, Norway WCP
Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Remøyfjellet 188m 188m Herøy, Norway WCP
Nonshornet 289m 289m Herøy, Norway WCP
Stemnehornet 190m 43m Ulstein, Norway WCP


Monday;  last day of the Easter vacation at Gålå. It had been a marvellous Easter break, but this morning I woke up feeling completely rotten. I assumed that I had caught a cold from Lena, and I did NOT look forward to cleaning and washing the rented cabin, followed by an eight-hour drive back home. I was a complete wreck when I got home, late in the evening.


Karma on Røyrafjellet

Tuesday; I was in worse shape than the day before, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had some very important tasks at work, I would have taken the day off. In the afternoon, I had a splitting headache and really should have rested. But I had to take the dog out, and I picked one of the very lowest coastal tops I could find – Røyrafjellet om Dimnøya island.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that this hike was a bad idea, but now that we were here, I might as well do a round trip hike. Back at the house, I feared a bad Wednesday…

The trip: 3,3km, 170 vertical meters.

Pictures from the trip:

APR 4 2018

Wednesday; I got really sick during the night, and stayed sick throughout the entire day and following night. This was definitely neither a cold nor the flu. Had I gotten the Norovirus? It felt like that way, and this was one of the worst days in a very, very long time. I managed to walk Karma around the block, but that’s it…


Not in the “memorable walks” category…

Thursday; I woke up 4:37am, without headache. Holy cow, how delightful! I was afraid going back to sleep and wake up with headache, so I logged in at work 4:55am. After a 12-hour work day, I felt really tired, but I didn’t want Karma to have yet another afternoon without a walk.

So I chose the top right behind my house – Rambjøra. After the usual hike across the top, I decided to go for a very creative route back home. Due to low tide, I was able to follow the shore for quite a bit until I ran into a dead end and had to fight my way through dense bush to get back on the road. It also started to snow – quite heavy – and we returned to the house soaking wet, both glad the walk was over…

The trip: 6,1km, 285 vertical meters.

Pictures from the trip:


We have run out of shore and have to go up here

Friday; Slowly coming back to life, while working long days. In the afternoon, I decided to visit Remøyfjellet, which I hadn’t been to in years.

My plan was to do the same round trip as I did in 2008, but the opposite direction. Karma and I started out just after the tunnel (and before the Runde bridge) and followed the shore until steep cliffs forced us to ascend up to the east ridge. We passed Remøykammen (184m) and followed the path across the island to Vardane (188m) – the island high point.

The plan was to continue across Vasseidet and end up by the Runde bridge, but I decided this was enough, given the shape I was in. So, we headed directly down to the car.

The trip: 5,2km, 320 vertical meters.

Pictures from the hike:


The locals seemed petrified when Karma came along…

Saturday; I could possibly have done a proper hike today, but the weather (snow showers) didn’t invite for adventures in the mountains. So, I decided to visit Uglesætra (Ugle = owl), which I hadn’t been to in many years. I looked forward to see what they had “done to the place” since last time I was there.

After a 3km walk, we got there, and I was blown away. I’ve heard that this place is incredibly popular, and it’s easy to understand why. I decided to bring my girlfriend here for a picnic one day. She would love this place.

We continued “Uglerunden” (a round trip), and stopped by Stemnehornet. I considered doing the round trip across Svarane and Høgåsen, but my body told me that it was time to call it a day.

The trip: 5km, 295 vertical meters.

Pictures from the hike:


NONSHORNET (Kvamsøya), APR 8 2018

Nonshornet ahead

Sunday;  I felt OK in the morning, but the weather was not OK. I decided to stay at lower elevation and took the ferry to Kvamsøya (a 45-minute ferry trip from Larsnes). The plan was to walk across the island (via Nonshornet – which I had been to some years ago) and visit the lower tops on the northwest side. I would then return along the road, either on the north or south side. The time was 12:36 when we got to the trailhead, and the ferry returned at 4pm. Enough time to do some good…

We hiked up to Nonshornet, where we had fog. We followed the path northwest and after a little while, I could see the tops Småvardane, Vågekinna and Kletten.

The northwest side of Kvamsøya

The time was 2pm when we reached Småvardane. 2 hours until the ferry departed. I couldn’t – easily – get to Kletten from here, so I decided to stop by Vågekinna, descend to Krokvika and return along the road on the south side.

At Vågekinna, I discovered an easy route to Kletten and the time was 2:20pm when we arrived on the top. It was tempting to descend to Ristesundet and follow the north side road back to the trailhead, but I didn’t think I had the time. So I returned up to Vågekinna and descended to Krokvika, where I had to fight a WHOLE LOT of fences in order to reach the road.

On Kletten. To the ridge is the pass we came through, below Vågekinna

At Brekke, I found a road that would take us directly to the car, and since we had much more time than I had estimated, we stopped by Hesthamaren (114m) also. We returned to the car 3:25pm, with plenty time left for the ferry. I drove to Ristesundet for some additional pictures of the island Riste before returning to the ferry.

The trip: 11,1km, 625 vertical meters.

Pictures from the hike:






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