Ørneklumpen, Dunken, May 10 2018

Detour, on my way to Sogndal

Karma on Ørneklumpen

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Søråsen 277m 104m Flora, Norway
Ørneklumpen 747m 217m Naustdal, Norway
Dunken 653m 170m Naustdal, Norway
Kallandsåsen 483m 115m Naustdal, Norway


SØRÅSEN, MAY 10 2018

On the way to Søråsen

Thursday; I was heading to Sogndal for the weekend, and the plan was to get myself 3-4 new tops along the way. Which meant a detour. I decided to drive via Hyen and Storfjorden, and this was the first time I’ve driven through this region.

After 3 hours of driving, it was time to walk the dog, and I figured that Søråsen would be as good as any place to do it. I had left gorgeous weather on Sunnmøre, only to find rain moving in from the south. I was right on the border of the incoming rain and decided to do this walk quickly.

The route to Søråsen

On the north side of lake Krokstadvatnet, I noticed a tractor road that would give me a good start. Especially since I expected bush higher up. I found parking close by and soon after, Karma and I were on our way up the tractor road.

The tractor road turned into somewhat open terrain under the power lines. I followed this route until I was just 0,3km south of the top. Then we headed into the thick forest and got a big scare when a deer suddenly jumped out ahead of us.

The bush fight was not very painful. The forest opened up and the rest of the route up to the top was easy. The high point is a rock with a bolt in it. We descended our ascent route and 40 minutes after leaving the car, we continued towards Naustdal.

The trip: 2,9km 240 vertical meters.

Pictures from the trip:



Still Thursday; I don’t know what happened to the incoming rain, but at least it didn’t rain in the valley where river Nausta is running. My goal was two tops in one hike – Ørneklumpen and Dunken.

I drove up to Kleppe, where I learned that I could drive quite far up towards the valley below the tops. At approx. 350m the road was closed because of road damage (telehiv), but I had already saved 1,5km on foot. One way. So I was super-happy.

The valley road forks. I went left. Ørneklumpen up to the left.

I followed the northernmost road into the valley, and then a tractor road east/northeast until I figured the terrain was open enough for off-trail hiking. After a while, I crossed the tractor road again, but I could see from the map that this it road would not take me higher on the mountain. So, we continued off-trail and ended up just east of the Ørneklumpen trig. point (727m) – 0,7km west of the high point (747m).

Off-trail towards Ørneklumpen

On the way to the high point, we went across an unnamed hump with a primary factor of approx. 33m.

The high point comes into view

From the high point, I had a good overview of the route towards Dunken. It wasn’t very complicated – follow the ridge down to the saddle and then a direct route up to Dunken.

Naustdal view

From the Dunken high point (the 653m trig. point is 0,5km to the west), we descended towards Rjupeskaret and subsequently down to the closest forest road. We returned to the car 1h:50m after leaving it.

The route

The trip: 6,9km 680 vertical meters.

Pictures from the trip:


Karma on Kallandsåsen

Still Thursday: the time was 12:44 when we returned to the car, after the descent from Dunken. It was still fairly early in the day, and I figured I would have time for one more hike before Anne expected to see me in Sogndal.

Kallandsåsen was just up the road and when I got to Kalland, I met a couple just returning from a hike. They explained the best route, which started exactly where we were at. So it was just a matter of parking the car and get going again. Karma had a confused look when I opened the door. She seemed to have tuned in for a good rest after the last hike.

Kalland trailhead

The tractor road I had been recommended to follow started at approx. 90m, and it ran up to 360m. Very convenient! Now I just had less than 0,5km between me and the high point. Which included the second deer encounter for the day…

The off-trail route to the top was easy, running in open terrain. I looked forward to the descent and a relaxing drive to Sogndal. I had already passed 1300 vertical meters and 14,5km in total – on and off trail. We returned to the trailhead 1h:06m after leaving it.

The trip: 4,7km 390 vertical meters.

Pictures from the trip:


And then the weather got nice again – here by Kjøsnesfjorden

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