Rhodes, Day 2, June 7 2018

Attavyros and Akrimitis

Mt. Attavyros – the high point of Rhodes

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Attavyros 1215m 1215m HPT Rhodes, Greece
Agios Ioannis (Amartou) 546m 121m Rhodes, Crete
Akramitis 823m 398m Rhodes, Greece

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Attavyros (1215m)

A hike to the island high point is a must, and as the weather was just as nice as the day before, we took the drive from Lotharika to Embonas, where we quickly located the (well marked) trailhead close to a wine tastery and a restaurant (Empona’s view). There is also a road (dirt, I presume) all the way to the top, but that was never an option for us. I don’t even know if it is open to the public.

The Attavyros trailhead. Hard to miss…

It was only 750 vertical meters to the top, which would have been a “modest” ascent on a good trail. And although this route started easy with a 1,3km paved/dirt road, the mountain path was not good. Scree is the keyword. And in this kind of weather (> 30. deg. C) it was quite strenuous.

A small boulder field gave us a break from the scree

It took us approx. 1,5 hours to reach the summit. There was some kind of a radar installation on top, but fortunately, the high point was outside the fence.

Anne – on top of Rhodes

The island high point was now “in the bag” on our first full day on the island. Just the way we like to start a vacation! It was also nice to know that any other hike on this island would be less strenuous. Not that it was THAT hard, but it was a hot day…

Some tackles the heat better than others…

We decided to descend our ascent route. Taking the mountain road down was never a real option, even if we discussed it. We soon learned the right technique to master the scree and we returned to the trailhead safe and sound, 3 hours after leaving. The guide book says 6 hours, which is probably more realistic for those who don’t hike as much as we do.

The route

Trip statistics: 5,9km, 750 vertical meters, 3 hrs

Pictures from the hike:

Agios Ioannis Amartou (546m)

Agios Ioannis Amartou

This top is located 5km northwest of Attavyros and doesn’t have a name of the map we used. This top (also) is known as Agios Ioannis and if you add the closest monastery – in this case the Amartou monastery just west of the mountain – you at least get a name which should be unique to the top.

This was a very easy hike, as there is a service road running up to the antenna on top. Definitely in the category “bonus top”.

Reaching the top, after a very short hike…

Trip statistics: 2km, 90 vertical meters, 30 mins.

Pictures from the hike:

Akramitis (823m)


This is the 2nd highest massif on the island, but as the Attavyros massif has two tops (we only visited the high point), Akramitis is the 3rd highest top on Rhodes. As we were in this part of the island, I really wanted to visit it, while Anne wanted to sit this one out. So, Anne dropped me off at one of the 3 trailheads and drove to the town Monolithos to relax at a local cafe.

Anne dropping me off at the trailhead. Not too sad about sitting this one out…

The signpost pointed me towards the St. John’s chapel, but the map indicated that the path continued to the high point. It better, as Rhodes off-trail hiking is not necessarily a fun sport…

On the forest path

The path was superb; first a gentle start through the lower forest, then rising gradually up to the ridge and through the forest to the chapel. Marked with red dots along the way.

St. Johns Chapel

From the chapel, the path took me up to the high point, and I met an English couple, descending from the top. They had taken a different route up, but were about to descend the way I came up. I was the first person they had seen all day, which only goes to show that most people who come to this island are probably aiming for the beaches…

If you plan to hike this mountain, be sure to check out the option for a round trip hike from Monolithos!

The English couple – just below the summit

The high point offered a mighty fine view – especially towards Mt. Attavyros – that we hiked earlier in the day. But also towards the coastline. The English couple told me that the old building on top was a fire lookout tower.

Coastal view from Akramitis

I took the same route down, now jogging. It went a little bit too fast, and I ended up on the wrong path – the one that the English couple ascended. I didn’t notice that this path was marked with red crosses and not red dots. The detour was only 0,3km and soon I was on the right track and passed the couple a bit further down in the forest. Once back on the main road, I jogged towards Monolithos and soon saw Anne came walking towards me (I had texted her about my arrival up front).

Anne – welcoming me back to the village

After 3 peaks on our first full day on the island, it was high time to call it a day, return to our hotel and enjoy a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants.

oooh… did we really earn this?

Trip statistics: 8,1km, 470 vertical meters, 1h:50m.

Pictures from the hike:


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