Solemsvåttan and Oppstryn, July 24 2018

Northern Norway, day 8

Lake Oppstrynvatnet. Not really northern Norway, but it was part of my journey

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Solemsvåttan 423m 240m Trondheim, Norway

Continued from Markahornet, Hildringsfjellet

After hiking Markahornet and Hildringsfjellet in Bindal, I drove to Stav Gjestegård north of Trondheim where I checked in for the night. I also stayed here one week earlier, on my way to northern Norway. This time, I made sure I got a room as far away from the motorway as possible and slept fairly OK.

The next morning, I took a trip down memory lane by driving to lake Jonsvatnet. I spent some summers up here as a child. My Grandmather grew up here. I drove up to Øvre Jervan to see if there were still some relatives left, and my relative on the neighbour farm was on summer vacation. I did however have a nice and long chat with the present owner, who knew all my relatives in this area.

Once up here, I looked at the map to find a place to stretch my legs. Which meant a forest top with a primary factor of at least 100m, that I hadn’t been to. Solemsvåttan came up as a good candidate.

My route to Solemsvåttan

I drove to the north end of Jonsvatnet and took the road up to Øvre Solem. I found a place to park in Solemsfaret. It looked VERY private, so I decided to make it a quick hike.

A “Solemsvåttan” signpost sent me in the right direction and 20 minutes later, I reached the fire lookout tower on Solemsvåttan.

Approaching the top of Solemsvåttan

A woman was busy taking pictures up in the tower and I waited for my turn. On her way down, she couldn’t speak highly enough of the view. I have to admit, with the risk of sounding like a jerk – that I’ve had better views. But it was nevertheless nice to be here. I enjoyed the forest paths. It’s surely a superb forest top for the people living around here.

Crazy view…

I jogged back down and was happy that there wasn’t a pissed off cabin owner waiting for me at the trailhead.

I got back in my car, drove to Sel, crossed Strynefjellet and met Anne by lake Oppstrynvatnet. We had rented a cabin for the night. She’d been working in Nordfjord and it was great to see her again, spend the night together and reunite with Karma – whom Anne had looked after while I was in northern Norway.

Reunited again…

And that concluded my summer vacation…

Trip statistics: 2,4km, 180 vertical meters, 30 minutes

Pictures from the hike:

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