Heimste Kopphornet, July 28 2018

Back in the Sunnmøre alps…

Heimste Kopphornet in center

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Heimste Kopphornet 1159m 29m Ørsta, Norway

Heimste Kopphornet is not a prominent or characteristic top by any means, and let’s be clear – it is just a hump on one of the many ridges on the south side of Standalsdalen valley. However, it is surrounded by awesome peaks and you won’t have a dull moment while visiting it.

Some of the reasons to go here…

As I hadn’t been there yet, I decided to dedicate Saturday afternoon to get to know this top.

The natural ascent route is up Kalvedalen valley. Parking is easy and the path is OK.

Up Kalvedalen

It was still warm weather although clouds were moving in. When we got to lake Kalvedalsvatnet, I figured Karma would enjoy a swim. To get her into water, one has to throw something in it.

Karma, cooling off in Kalvedalsvatnet

Later, in the evening, a really nasty infection (hot spot) surfaced on her skin, and it has probably affected her for some time. But I thought her symptoms (low on energy) came from the extreme high temperature. The water could have made the eczema surface and as such, it was good that I discovered before it got worse.

Either side of the lake is OK to follow, and I chose the west side. After a little while, I could see the natural route up to the high ridge.

My route; across this hump and up the scree and grass

I was quite occupied staring at Kalvedalsegga, leading up to peak 1234m. The part I was particularly interested in, was the north side of the peak. With lots of “terraces”, I have high hopes that I can get to this peak without having to climb.

Looking for a future route up to peak 1234m (right)

On the way up to Heimste Kopphornet, I also enjoyed the view towards Blåtindane. I have not been there either. I know where to spend my time if I could just get one week with nice weather during summer next year.


Eventually we reached the top and could enjoy the views. It took us 1h:18m to get up there, including the swim.

View from Heimste Kopphornet

We followed the ridge towards Blåtindane for a little while, but I decided to turn around when the ridge got ugly. I didn’t want to go scrambling or climbing with the dog waiting and no one in the world knew where I was.

Turnaround point

We took the same route down, except that this time I passed the lake on the east side. Karma had yet another swim. I met several hikers on my way down from the lake. Seemingly a popular area. No wonder, though.

We returned to the car 2,5 hours after leaving. It was a very enjoyable walk!

The route

Trip statistics: 7km, 850 vertical meters, 2,5 hours

Pictures from the hike:

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