Kjerringkjeftane, July 29 2018

OMG  – what a view!

View from Kjerringkjeftane

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Kjerringkjeftane 1028m 98m Ørsta, Norway

This Sunday started with cleaning Karma’s hot spot that erupted the night before. It was a really ugly wound, and I called the vet. We agreed that I would come by on the next day. Funny enough, it seemed like Karma had more energy now that the hot spot surfaced than in the preceding 14 days.

So, I figured a hike would be in order. Preferably, a hike with plenty of access to water. I looked at the map for a peak or hump I hadn’t been to and the choice fell on Kjerringkjeftane (bitch mouths!) above Finnes. The hike would for the most part follow the river in Russadalen valley, so Karma would not go thirsty.


I drove to Finnes and up the toll road to Bakkedalen – a road I’ve driven a few times before, each time with a memorable hike as the result. I parked at the same spot as I did when I hiked Dukhornet in 2015.


The path was more overgrown than I remembered it to be, but it was still easy to follow. Eventually, we rose above the forest and had a nice view towards Dukhornet and Kjerringkjeftane.

Mountain view!


We hiked up to the Dukhornet – Kjerringkjeftane ridge before we sat the course directly towards the top.

Kjerringkjeftane ahead

From the top, we had a very nice view towards Skårasalen, Kjerringøyra and Kvamsetdalen valley.

Kvamsetdalen view

Then we moved on towards a most excellent viewpoint high above Finnes, where the view was nothing short of spectacular.

In the heart of the Sunnmøre alps…

We took a shortcut down to the valley path and returned along our ascent route. Karma seemed to be OK, which was a huge relief.

Our route

Trip statistics: 6,7km, 720 vertical meters, 2h:40m

Pictures from the hike:


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