2018 Week 31

Back to afternoon hikes and business as usual…

Sheep@Uglåsen, Sogndal

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein, Norway WCP
Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein, Norway WCP
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Vardehornet 1009m 99m Ørsta, Norway WCP
Nuken 919m 126m Sogndal, Norway
Storehaugfjellet 1173m 990m Sogndal, Norway WCP


Hasundhornet (533m), July 30 2018

Monday: First on the agenda was to get Karma to the Vet. The ugly hot spot was cleaned and we agreed to not put her on antibiotics. OK, so the healing process would take longer, but at least we did our part in trying to avoid resistance. She got pain killers, though. Not that she seemed to be in pain. It was like the wound itself didn’t affect her at all.

At the Vet. The hot spot was too ugly to share on this forum

The Vet told me to go easy on her, with respect to hiking. So we drove up to Fjelle and I let her walk up the gentle slope up to Hasundhornet. She seemed very happy, so we took a slightly longer route back down.

I seem to have wiped out the pictures (I presume I took some), so all I have left is the track…

The Hasundhornet round trip hike

Trip statistics: 5,4km, 250 vertical meters, 1h:10m


Garnestua (653m), July 31 2018

Tuesday: Karma seemed like her usual self, so I figured that a moderate increase from the day before, in terms of vertical meters would be OK.

We took the normal route up from Løset and halfway up, it began to rain. Hard! Karma’s wound was protected by bandage compress, so she was OK. In my hiking log, it says: “a hike I could easily have skipped“. So memorable, it was not…

I seem to have wiped out the pictures (I presume I took some), so all I have left is the track…

The track from the Garnestua hike

Trip statistics: 5,1km, 450 vertical meters, 1h:05m

Vardehornet (1009m), Aug 1 2018

On our way to Vardehornet – up to the left

Wednesday: Everything seemed to be on a rising curve. First, Karma’s wound and secondly, the weather. Among other things. I reckoned a longer hike wouldn’t do Karma any harm and decided to visit Vardehornet – a top on Saudehornet’s horseshoe ridge to the south.

I decided to follow the mountain service road to its end, continue up the bowl and then up to the ridge between Vardehornet and the western peak on Saudehornet.

Up the bowl and then up to the left

Vardehornet’s primary factor is officially 99m – one meter short of entering the list of real Norwegian peaks. It would be fun to have it upgraded, so when I reached the saddle that defines the primary factor, I decided to make as thorough GPS reading as I could. Eventually, I landed on 907m. That would not necessarily be accurate, but relative to the reading on top, it would be of interest.

In the saddle, completing my GPS reading

We continued  up to the summit where the GPS refused to climb above 1003m. The official height is 1009m. The 99m comes from 1009m minus interpolated saddle height of 910m. I could ramble on, but this is way too nerdy. In any case, I won’t be promoting an upgrade of this top.

On top of Vardehornet

Whether the primary factor is 99 or 100m, the views are equally nice. It’s of course even better views from Saudehornet, but a view *towards* Saudehornet isn’t bad either.


We continued towards Nivane and had a nice view back to Vardehornet (foreground) and Saudehornet.

Vardehornet and Saudehornet seen from Nivane

From Nivane, I looked down on Heidskredhornet and Lågehornet – neither very prominent tops. I made a mental note to come back and visit them. I’d like to have been on all named tops in my local region.

Låghornet (left) and Heidskredhornet

We took the normal route from Nivane down and enjoyed a nice view towards Ørsta along the way.

Heading down from Nivane

These days, Karma was upgraded to the driver’s cabin. I didn’t want her biting off the bandage compress. She seemed to enjoy 1st class

There’s nothing like traveling first class…

Trip statistics: 7,9km, 925 vertical meters, 2h:22m

Pictures from the hike:

Rjåhornet (598m), Aug 2 2018

Thursday:  Training day. Jogged/walked up to my local top Rjåhornet, from Djupvika. Nothing exciting to tell…

Trip statistics: 6,2km, 570 vertical meters, 1h:30m

Pictures from the hike:

Nuken (919m), Aug 4 2018

The hike across Nuken

Saturday: Back in Sogndal with my girlfriend Anne. It was a rainy day and we decided to hike the local peak Nuken, from Åsen.

Åsen trailhead

We hadn’t walked for very long before it started to rain and we moved into the fog, but the spirit was good!

It’s probably going to get sunny soon!

We had high hopes that the weather would improve along the way, and we felt there something going on as we approached the top.

Hey… things are looking up!

We didn’t get sunshine on top, but at least it wasn’t raining anymore.

We’re waiting for the sunshine. Karma is waiting for something else…

On our way down, it really started to clear up, and I suggested a different route down – via Uglåsen. I *love* round trip hikes, and especially places I haven’t been to before. Uglåsen was such a place.

Towards Uglåsen

It didn’t take long before we could put the rain jackets in the backpack…

Approaching Uglåsen

Uglåsen was a nice place. Green grass, sheep, old buildings, nice view and nice weather.


From Uglåsen, we followed a forest path which led us down to the road towards Åsen. Being a gentleman, I said to the girls they could sit and wait while I hurried up to Åsen to get the car.

Afterwards, we went to cafe in Sogndal.

Life is good…

Trip statistics: 8,4km, 400 vertical meters, 2h:43m

Pictures from the hike:

Storehaugfjellet (1173m), Aug 5 2018

Today’s route

Sunday: I felt for a hike to Storehaugfjellet, but Anne didn’t feel up to coming along. So I brought Karma along and drove up the airport road and parked by the sharp left-hand curve and followed the trail towards Hasleggi, then turned west and up the forest.

On the Hasleggi path

The hike up the ridge is always nice, with view towards Kjørnes and Sogndal.

On Storehaugfjellet’s east ridge

As we approached Storehaugen, I could see that we would get fog on Storehaugfjellet. Well, Karma could probably too, but there’s no way of telling what she’s thinking about.

Storehaugen ahead, and fog beyond

I am definitely not a stranger to fog on top of Storehaugfjellet, although this would only be my 10th visit.

Here we go again…

The weather was NOT nice above 1000m, so I (hence, we) decided to run down from the mountain and back on the ridge, the weather was just OK again.

View towards Sogndal

Upon descent, we took the path to Bjørkestølen, but then instead of going down to the airport road, I decided to follow a path I had never hiked before. This path brought us back onto the ridge trail, west of Hasleggi. Altogether a nice hike!

Trip statistics: 14,1km, 860 vertical meters, 3h:05m

Pictures from the hike:

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