2018 Week 32

Afternoon hikes

Karma on the way down from Grødet

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Hogden 601m 168m Stryn, Norway WCP
Svarstadveten 591m 38m Stryn, Norway WCP
Grødet 693m 360m Haram, Norway WCP
Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein, Norway WCP

Hogden (601m),  Aug 6 2018

Our round trip hike

Monday: On my way home to Sunnmøre, from Sogndal. The plan was to do a hike in Sogndal, but due to rain I decided to try my luck closer to home.

The weather was OK enough in Stryn, and Hogden seemed like a good destination. I had been to Hogden back in 2011, but had NO recollection from neither the trailhead nor the route. But from the map, Vinsryggsætra seemed like a good starting point, with a path and all…

Heading out from Vinsryggsætra

After some hiking, I felt I was in familiar terrain. And sure enough, it turned out that I had found my way up the same route as in 2011, albeit from a different starting point.


It didn’t take long before Karma and I rose above the forest and could head towards the high point on Hogden.

On Hogden

The views were pretty grey, but I have seen all the mountains in shiny weather before.

View from Hogden

I decided to do a round trip hike via Svarstadveten, and upon heading down the forest, I was *pretty sure* I followed my 2011 footsteps. Which turned out to be true. Altogether a nice and easy walking the dog hike…

Crossing Svarstadveten

Trip statistics: 4,9km, 310 vertical meters, 1h:15m

Pictures from the hike:

Spjelkavika,  Aug 7 2018

Trip tracks

Tuesday: Ålesund day and after work, I drove to the foot of Blindheimsfjellet, aiming for Geitnausa. But Karma wasn’t in mood at all. I guess she had some ups and downs after being treated for a nasty hot spot, and today was seemingly a down day.

But she had to do *some* walking, so I headed for the waterworks – a route she is not familiar going *up*. She came along, somewhat reluctantly, but I didn’t put any pressure on her. The forest part upwards seemed more interesting and she sort of looked like herself again.

Spjelkavika view

But when we reached the fork where we could go left towards Geitnausa, she told me very clearly through body language that she wanted to go down. And down we went.

Back at the car, I felt like exploring the flat hiking loop, starting at the foot of the ski-jumping hill. As Karma had never gone there before, curiosity won, and we had a nice walk on a very nice trail.

In the loop. Wound healing nicely

Trip statistics: 5,5km, 220 vertical meters, 1h:09m

Grødet (693m), Aug 9 2018

Grødet round trip hike

Thursday: After giving Karma a day off from the trail, we were back in Ålesund and drove to Vatne after work. We had done Otrefjellet on skis earlier in the year, and now the time had come to visit Grødet.

We followed the road towards Ulvestadsætra and Karma seemed fairly happy to be on the trail again.

On the Ulvestadsætra trail

Before reaching lake Ulvestadvatnet, we took the forest path up Grødet’s southeast ridge and eventually reached the summit.

On top of Grødet

It was clear from the beginning that this would be a round trip hike – a revisit to the route I did in 2007 – down via Kollen on the west side of the mountain.

Heading down from Grødet

Even if the weather wasn’t superb, there were still some very nice moments…

Upside moments…

The west side route is quite scenic, compared to the normal route…

VERY NICE route!

And we got some nice views towards Grøtshornet and Storfjellet.

Grøtshornet and Storfjellet

Eventually, we reached Ulvestad and followed smaller roads back to the trailhead. I really enjoyed this hike, and Karma seemed to be on a rising curve.

Trip statistics: 6,9km, 630 vertical meters, 1h:45m

Pictures from the hike:

Rambjøra (132m), Aug 10 2018

My normal Rambjøra round trip hike

Friday:  Dead tired after a busy week, and I was NOT in the mood for hiking this Friday afternoon. But I don’t feel good at all if I haven’t walked the dog. And on days like this, Rambjøra is an easy choice, as I can get on the trail almost from my doorstep.

We took the usual round trip route and when I returned home, I was super-happy about giving Karma close to a 4km walk.

On Rambjøra

Trip statistics: 3,9km, 150 vertical meters, 50 mins

Blåtind (697m), Aug 11 2018

The route from Havåg

Saturday: I had to work the first part of the day, and again later in the afternoon. So the local mountains were my only options in between work sessions.

I decided to drive to Havåg and hike Blåtind. I really, really, like the path from Havåg. One of my absolute favorites!

Mixed weather. Sunshine and rain showers. But not *bad*.

Mixed weather, seen on the way to Blåtind

Karma’s wound kept healing nicely and she seemed like a happy dog again.

On our way to Blåtind

Unfortunately, we had fog on top, but it’s not like I wondered what we could see on a clear day. I know that view far too well…

On top of Blåtind

Trip statistics: 7,4km, 690 vertical meters, 1h:37m

Pictures from the hike:

Kyrkjenibba (1400m), Steindalsegga (1366m), Aug 12 2018

Sunday: See separate trip report…

Karma on Steindalsegga


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