Terdalskeipen, Klauvekeipen and National Day, May 17 2019

A memorable stay by Norddalsfjorden

On Terdalskeipen, May 17 2019

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Terdalskeipen 744m 254m Flora, Norway
Stillebåen 575m 105m Flora, Norway
Klauvekeipen 769m 299m Flora, Norway
Dyrelifjellet 667m 97m Flora, Norway

Norddalsfjorden, May 16 2019

The cabin we rented by Norddalsfjorden

Thursday: May 17th is the Norwegian National Day, and we had rented a cabin at Klauvene by Norddalsfjorden for the occasion.

You never really know what you get when you rent a cabin straight off the internet, but we’ve been mostly quite lucky. And this place was way up there amongst our favorite places. If not on top! It was simply a gorgeous place!

Will most definitely do!

We had invited our friends Anne May and Jan to come and stay with us, and they would come the next day. So Thursday was all about just settling in and trying to relax. Which to me was quite important, if you have read my Week 20 report

Oh yeah!

Karma was totally fascinated with the water. We’ve never seen her like this. She could stand there for hours! Whether it was the ripples, waves, the fish or something else, we just don’t know. But it came to the point where we could just leave her there, knowing she wouldn’t move an inch…

A penny for your thoughts…

In the late afternoon, we checked out the shore near the cabin. And, had some fun while at it…

This is just SO fun!

Pictures (Canon80D/Iphone):

Terdalskeipen (744m), Stillebåen (575m), Klauvekeipen (769m), Dyrelifjellet (667m), May 17 2019

Our round trip hike

Friday: The Norwegian National Day, gorgeous weather and there was absolutely no doubt about the plans for today: hiking!

I had planned a hike that would fit both me and Anne. Plan A was for the both of us to hike Terdalskeipen (from Magnhildskaret, between Midtgulen and Norddalsfjorden) and Stillebåen. If Anne didn’t feel that she was up for a return hike across Klauvekeipen and Dyrelifjellet, she would descend down to the cabin by Klauvene, from lake Keipevatnet. Time would tell.

But first, National Day Breakfast!

We then drove to Magnhildskaret and headed out. The flag was present, and Karma had to wear the ribbon, of course.

Properly dressed for the National day. Terdalskeipen in the background



The hike up Terdalskeipen was nice. Easy terrain and fantastic views…

Beautiful coastline!

All of a sudden, we “bumped into” a woman (Tordis ) who had spent the night on the mountain. We had a long and nice chat with her. That’s the way to start the National day!

Tordis – and the place where she spent the night

And then we continued towards the top…

Terdalskeipen ahead

11:04am, our first top for the day was in the bag. New pf100 top #23 for me this year. The goal is (as always) 100, and it’s a bit work left to do. But I’m definitely on it!

On Terdalskeipen, with Haukåbøra in the background

From Terdalskeipen, we had a good view towards Haukåbøra – a special mountain for Anne and me. This was our first hike together, back in 2009. We became sweethearts shortly after, and it was really special to be back here, in a mountain region we both love, 10 years after getting together…




Next up was Stillebåen.

The hike down from Terdalskeipen went fairly well. Easy terrain, except some cumbersome rock and bush near the saddle.

Up Stillebåen with Terdalskeipen in the background

But by 11:29am, our 2nd top for the day was in the bag. It was an easy one. Almost a “bonus top”.

On Stillebåen

We had a good view towards Florø from Terdalskeipen and Stillebåen…



Klauvekeipen seen from Terdalskeipen

When we got to lake Keipevatnet, Anne had decided to go on the full round trip hike with me and Karma. I guess she was a bit curious about the – seemingly – steep ascent up to Klauvekeipen. We had already been told by folks down at Klauvene that this west side route was doable. And it also looked quite doable.

We followed the rocky ledge to the left, up to the pass

After a steep pitch on grass, we followed a rocky ledge that took us up to the pass between Dyrelifjellet and Klauvekeipen. Nothing to it!

“Easy” route, given the steep terrain above and below

We were now looking at a series of ledges up Klauvekeipen’s north ridge, and I really looked forward to finding the route up.

Yes! Cool!

The route up was actually (vaguely) marked, so it took some of the excitement from the ascent, but it probably saved us some time.

Above the ledges, the terrain got easier and we had a nice stroll to the top.

Arriving on Klauvekeipen

Top #3 in the bag! An my 2019 tally now counted 25!

On Klauvekeipen

Some of the rock on these mountains are flat and smooth like a platter, so it was only natural to serve Karma the summit treats on a platter. Not exactly silver, but nevertheless original…

You’ve earned it!


Dyrelifjellet, seen on our way down Klauvekeipen

We took the same route down Klauvekeipen, and headed up to the top of Dyrelifjellet. This top was 3m short of making it to the pf100 list of Norwegian mountains, so it didn’t actually *count*. But we had to cross it, one way or the other to get back to the car. So we might as well visit the high point…

On Dyrelifjellet

From here, we had a good view towards Haukånipa, which we hoped we would visit the next day – together with our friends.


But now it was time to call it a day, and head back to the cabin before our friends arrived.

Down to Magnhildskaret

Trip statistics: 12,2km, 1000 vertical meters, 5h:11m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

Celebrating the National Day, May 17  2019

Happy birthday, Norway!

Back at the cabin, we took a short swim in the fjord. The temperature was 12 deg. C., which was warm enough to not cause the body to panic, but cold enough to make the swim a short one.

Brrr… But, nice!

Afterwards, I had a nice rest while Karma kept staring into the water.

Life’s really good. At times…

Our friends (Anne May and Jan) arrived just after 4pm – on bike.


After settling in, Jan decided to go for a swim too.

Now, Karma is following both the water AND Jan!

And then it was time for the ladies to shine in their National Costumes.

Good looking girls!

Even Karma understood that this was a special day…

“Hurry with the picture! Or I’ll bite it into two”

Then we headed down to the fjord for a photo session.

Nice to see the ladies shining…

The owners of the Klauvene farm came down to be with us for a little while.

A merry bunch by lake Norddalsfjorden

Then followed a barbeque dinner, of course…

What a great day it had been!

And the evening ended with fishing in a still fjord with a magical sky

Late evening fishing

Pictures (Canon 80D):

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