2019 Week 22

Just local walks…

Gursken fjord, seen on the way to Vasshornet

Peaks visited: (Click on the Peak name link to go directly to the chapter)

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Holstadhornet 531m 98m Hareid, Norway WCP
Ulsettua 389m 261m Hareid, Norway WCP
Vasshornet 479m 56m Sande, Norway WCP
Laupsnipa 558m 380m Sande/ Herøy M&R, Norway WCP
Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein, Norway WCP
Svanshornet 552m 59m Sula, Norway WCP
Sneldelida 633m 104m Hareid/Ulstein, Norway WCP

Holstadhornet (531m), May 27 2019

Hareid seen from Holstadhornet

Monday: After work in the Hjørungavåg office, I drove to Hareid to hike Holstadhornet. It’s been a while since I was up there, at least from the Hareid side. I drove up to Hovled and found the trailhead.

On our way…

The forest path is quite nice.

On the path to Holstadhornet

But the path from Håbakknotten and up isn’t so pleasant. When wet

To Holstadhornet (left)

But the views are quite good. And you can become familiar with the streets of Hareid on your way up…

Hareid – with Melshornet above

After the 3km ascent, we reached the top and I was happy that the nearby rain showers hadn’t found their way over here.

On Holstadhornet

On our way down, I decided to follow another marked route that I couldn’t remember having done before. It went parallel to the ascent route and I ended in the uppermost street where I started from. Perfect!

Descent along a different forest path

Trip statistics: 5,6km, 500 vertical meters, 1,5 hours

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:


Ulsettua (389m), May 28 2019

Early morning by Hareid: Expected a cloudy and rainy day, but got a nice afternoon

Tuesday: After returning from work in Ålesund, I drove to Kvammen by lake Snipsøyrvatnet to hike Ulsettua – as I hadn’t been there this year. The plan was to hike up and return the same way. The alternative – to descend to Engjaskaret and return via Alme would be a longer walk than I had time for today.

The route we ended up with doing

After rain, it was pleasant to walk up the (dry) gravel road from Kvammen.

On our way from Kvammen

But the forest path was overgrown, so I got wet anyway.

On the ridge path to Ulsettua

The views are however uplifting…

View towards Kongsvollen

And soon the high point came into view.

The top of Ulsettua comes into view

Karma enjoys this top. So many turfs to smell and look under…

On top of Ulsettua

While I am mostly busy with looking at mountains…

View from Ulsettua

So, time for descent. Go back the same way? Nah, too boring. So I tried to descend straight off the mountain. That didn’t work so good and I was gradually forced towards the northeast ridge until I was able to get down to the forest. Full of ticks, of course.

View towards the forest I tried to descend

Once at Ulset, I had 2,4km along the road back to the car. Not too exciting.

To the car…

Trip statistics: 7,4km, 430 vertical meters, 1h:55m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

Vasshornet (479m) and Laupsnipa (558m), May 30 2019

The round trip hike

Thursday:  The weather was not good, and it had been raining most of the day. There was a break from the rain in the afternoon and I decided to walk the dog on Vasshornet. A quick hike up from Almestad.

When I did this route last winter, the path was icy and straight up dangerous. Obviously, conditions were better today.

To Vasshornet

Last time, there was a lot of snow on the mountain and the hike was a struggle. Today, it was a walk in the park.

To the ridge

But once on the top, it felt boring to return the same way. And even Laupsnipa looked far away, it didn’t look THAT far away. And, as it hadn’t rained yet, I decided to take my chances.

On Vasshornet. Laupsnipa in the background

Along the way, I could enjoy the view towards the Rovdefjorden peaks.

Rovdefjorden peaks

Thanks to an OK path (now marked by sticks) it didn’t take too long to get to Laupsnipa.

On Laupsnipa

But now I had to figure out how to get back. Walking the same route back was NOT an option, so I decided to head straight for lake Skogevatnet – very off-trail!

To Skogevatnet

Down by the lake I tried to follow the south side, but gave up and followed the path that runs from the lake and up to Skoge. But we got seemingly lost and had to cross a river and a fence to get back on the main road.

Karma is expert in river crossings

The plan was not to follow the main road back to the car, but of course I ended up in the forest south of Skogevatnet and messed around, getting totally soaked before we eventually reached the car. A typical combination of a FUN and NOT SO FUN hike…

Trip statistics: 11,1km, 600 vertical meters, 2h:50m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

Hasundhornet (533m), May 31 2019

The route

Friday: Neither Anne nor me were in mood for going to the mountains, so the compromise was to walk the dog on Hasundhornet. We took the least strenuous route – from Fjelle.

Heading out from Fjelle

The hillside was wet and boggy but we enjoyed being outdoors, especially as it didn’t rain on us.

A nice walk to Hasundhornet

And after a short walk, we reached the top and could look forward to the downhill.

On top of Hasundhornet

Nice afternoon!

Coastal view from Hasundhornet

Trip statistics: 3,7km, 250 vertical meters, 1 hour

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

Svanshornet (552m), June 1 2019

Our route up and down Svanshornet

Saturday: Shopping day in Ålesund! My “gear” needed an upgrade, pending a bigger project coming up.

Afterwards, Anne and I drove to Sula where I would show her the route to Svanshornet – a top she hadn’t been to before.

We followed the path from Raudåvatnet and had a nice walk up the forest. Anne had a good day in terms of energy level and hiked faster than I’ve seen her do in a long time. Nice!

On our way to Svanshornet

A bit later on, we passed Fiskarstrandhyttene (cabins) and had to cross some wet and boggy terrain before getting onto more solid ground.

Passing the Fiskarstrandhyttane cabins

Anne shows off some humor

“You’ll find your best friend in the nature”

I find this route very enjoyable, and so did Anne.

Almost there…

And then we stood on top of Svanshornet.

On top of Svanshornet

For our return, we hiked a route parallel to our ascent route and joined the main path down by Fiskarstrandhyttene.

On our way down from Svanshornet

Trip statistics: 8,1km, 550 vertical meters, 2h:10m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

Sneldelida (633m), June 2 2019

Our route from Brandal, up Indredalen, down Ytredalen

Sunday: Anne had one of her bad energy level days. But she agreed to come along to Brandal to hike Sneldelida.

We started out from Indredalen.

Heading into Indredalen

We followed the path up the forest – a quite uneventful walk – and things were definitely nicer above the forest.

On our way to Sneldelida – now with some views!

The Sunnmøre mountains didn’t look exactly as they’re supposed to – in June…

Saudehornet has too much snow, for this time of the year…

Although Anne struggled, we could not complain about the weather.

The final yards to Sneldelida

And finally, we reached the top of Sneldelida.


Upon descent, we agreed to descend via Ytredalen. We parted on the forest road above Brandal and I took some short-cuts to get to Indredalen. I passed 4 deer, but was too late with the camera..

Heading down 

Trip statistics: 9,9km, 610 vertical meters, 3h:05m

Pictures (Canon 80D) from the trip:

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