Skårasalen, Oct 2 2021

The most awesome viewpoint in Møre & Romsdal county?

The Hjørundfjord seen from Skårasalen
Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Skårasalen 1542m 1384m Ørsta, Norway WCP

Well, how about a fresh update for once.

This was a fairly OK weather day, albeit a bit windy. The plan was to hike Søre Grøtdalstind in Ørsta municipality, but a herd of cattle was gathered by the first gate on the forest road. I didn’t want to take my chances in case this herd went “Hey…” when I opened the gate. So I turned around to hike Skårasalen instead.

Aiming for Skårasalen (center)

Skårasalen has the highest primary factor in Møre & Romsdal county – 1384m. This means in practice that you have to descend 1384m before you can climb a higher mountain. Along the highest route. This also means that the peak “owns” a whopping 1384m in contours that completely encircle the mountain. In other words, the closest peak obscuring any views is not directly *close by*

This would be my 5th visit to the peak and Karma’s second. Her first visit was on Norway’s national day back in 2013.

We started out from the Kvistaddalen parking (500m elev, toll road presently NOK 45,-) and could enjoy nice views already from the get-go.

Heading out from the trailhead, with Langhornet to the right

I haven’t been up here since me and some buddies climbed the awesome Klovtinden back in September 2018. I’m SO happy I finally got to climb this fine peak.

Klovtinden. Been there, done that!

Skårasalen is a different ball game. There are no tricky parts. Except in winter, maybe. Avalanches do go off here…

Keeping a decent pace…

We kept a good pace up the mountain and when we were about to enter the rocky valley next to Blåhornet, I decided to keep going straight up.

Taking the direct route to the top

This choice gave us a whole lot more grass, but also more cumbersome rock when we finally ran out of rock.

But it wasn’t all bad and if I didn’t have the well being of a dog to consider, this would be my standard ascent route – every time.

The summit is in view

We reached the summit 2:40pm – 1h:40m after heading out from the trailhead. 1030 vertical meters. Sort of expected. I’m not in my prime age any longer. The same can be said for Karma. I feel sorry for her sometimes.

It was really good to be up here again and I looked forward to letting my camera run hot. But first, the dog had to be rewarded for her efforts.

Well done, Karma!

The primary view up here is of course the Hjørundfjord

Hjørundfjord view

But the region close to Kolåstinden isn’t bad either…

My backyard. Proud of it too!

Upon descent, we took the normal route down. Except for stopping by a viewpoint where the summit looks different when seen from the normal route…

Looking back on Skårasalen

At 1100m, we passed a group of 4 that started out at the same time as we did. We had a nice chat. A mix of Austrians and Norwegians and one of them was raised in Tyrol and should be accustomed to this terrain. However, I reckoned I would reach my car before they reached the summit…

Trip statistics: 6,7km, 1040 vertical meters, 2h:30m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

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