Nyken, Sep 13 2021

Autumn break, day 9

Wonderful Kjøsnesfjorden
Peak Height PF Municipality
Nyken 800m 44m Jølster, Norway

Continued from day 8

This Monday wasn’t actually part of the autumn break as I had a working day in Sogndal before returning home to Sunnmøre in the afternoon.

On my way home, I would stop by Dvergsdalsdalen in Jølster and visit Nyken. I often hike Orkja (on the other side of the valley) on my way to Sogndal and I figured it was time to visit the side facing Kjøsnesfjorden.

The trailhead

The path begins by the quarry just before the bridge and has Sherpa-quality all the way up to the ridge, but I don’t think Sherpas can take credit here. I suspect that some local folks have put in a substantial amount of hours here. Kudos!

Up the forest on a perfectly good path

The path took us up to Hamnanova (didn’t find that name on the map) and from here we had a superb view towards Kjøsnesfjorden.

Kjøsnesfjorden. Skei to the left

And Lake Jølstravatnet

Lake Jølstravatnet

This was definitely a place I could have enjoyed my lunch, if I had brought any…

This is just COZY!

Across the valley is Orkja – a mountain I know pretty well by now.

Orkja – I hike up and down this mountain in less than one hour

Then we headed up to Nyken just to get a top with at least a little prominence.

On Nyken with Snønipa in the background

Just “up the road” is a lake that I just HAVE to visit – only because of the name – Vidunderdalsvatnet. Something lake Wonder Valley.

Vidunderdalsvatnet is up there, below the glacier

From Nyken, we headed down to Djupeskaret and followed a marked path that eventually took us back to the trailhead.

My autumn break hiking was now officially over and I will think back on this week with great pleasure!

Trip statistics: 3,7km, 380 vertical meters, 1h:05m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the hike:

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