2021 Week 13 (Easter, Summary)

A gorgeous Easter week!

Wonderful days at Vaset
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
31.03.2021 Saukollen 1051m 30m Vestre Slidre, Norway
31.03.2021 Skurvehovda 1067m 58m Vestre Slidre, Norway
01.04.2021 Synet (Syni) 1137m 124m Nord-Aurdal, Norway
01.04.2021 Semlehøvda 1049m 27m Nord-Aurdal, Norway
01.04.2021 Simlehovda 1053m 39m Nord-Aurdal, Norway
02.04.2021 Noseknippa (Nøsakampen) 1236m 57m Vestre Slidre, Norway
02.04.2021 Grønsennknippa 1370m 405m Vestre Slidre, Norway
03.04.2021 Synet (Syni) 1137m 124m Nord-Aurdal, Norway
03.04.2021 Vestre Fjellet 1128m 34m Nord-Aurdal, Norway
03.04.2021 Storhaug 1074m 60m Nord-Aurdal, Norway
04.04.2021 Brattåshaugen 1090m 23m Nord-Aurdal, Norway
04.04.2021 Synet (Syni) 1137m 124m Nord-Aurdal, Norway
04.04.2021 Valtjern 12-4m Nord-Aurdal, Norway

Saukollen (1051m), Skurvehovda (1067m), Mar 31 2021

The Easter break is on!

Like always, we were late in terms of renting a cabin – whether it is for Easter or Christmas. And like always, we always find one in the end. We normally don’t go to the same area twice, but our only option was on Vaset (Valdres region)- where we also spent Christmas in 2020. I love the Vaset cross-country tracks and certainly didn’t mind to go back.

This time, we stayed in an apartment at Gomobu – with the track passing on the outside. Perfect! Due to Covid, the restaurant was closed but we normally cook our meals in the cabin anyway.

The cabin we rented at Gomobu – picture taken the day we left

After settling in, we wanted to check out the tracks and took a short ski-trip to Saukollen and Skurvehovda – two less distinct tops nearby. Still, this was pure medicine. I had been working hard for 5 months and was less than a month away from go-live of the first part of the project I would dedicate so much time to – the rest of the year.

It was SO nice to be here, and we had lots of skiing ahead of us…

Trip statistics: 7,7km, 190 vertical meters, 1h:30m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 8) from the trip:

Synet (1137m), Semlehøvda (1049m), Simlehovda (1053m), Apr 1 2021

Back on Synet

Our first full day at Vaset was a beautiful one and we decided to pay Synet (Syni) a re-visit. I visited Synet two times during the Christmas break, one time alone and one time with Anne & Karma.

We took the route via Nystølen and I looked forward to reach the top of Synet in good weather. My past two visits were – grey!

From Synet, we took the route down to Valtjern and enjoyed the long downhill. The Valtjern junction is always a crowded place on sunny days and today was no exception. We decided to head home via two forest tops that peakbook.org call Semlehøvda and Simlehovda. I’m not so sure about those names, though.

Anne had skis for the track and I had skating skis. We were not really equipped for off-trail adventures in the forest, but it worked out OK. A fun day!

Trip statistics: 17,7km, 370 vertical meters, 2h:56m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

Noseknippa (1236m), Grønsennknippa (1370m), Apr 2 2021

On our way to Grønsennknippa

There are only 3 tops with a primary factor > 100m in the Vaset region. We visited Ålfjell already in 2013, Synet was now visited 3 times and now there was only Grønsennknippa left. We attempted this top during our Christmas break, but stopped on Nosaknippa due to strong wind. But today, we would surely reach the top!

Like last time, we started by lake Reinsennvatnet and followed Noseknippa’s south ridge upwards. It was quite windy this time too, but there would be no stopping us this time!

From Noseknippa, we descended a bit, the climbed up to Svenskekampen (1310m) and continued across Svenskeknippa (1318m) – not knowing the “Swedish connection” before reaching the top of Grønsennknippa. While Anne waited on top, I took Karma and also visited the north top (1367m) – just to have been to every hump on this massif. We decided to take the same route back to the car, making life a little easier for Karma.

Trip statistics: 11,3km, 685 vertical meters, 3h:18m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

Synet (1137m), Vestre Fjellet (1128m), Storhaug (1074m), Apr 3 2021

Chillin’ on Storhaug

Yet another beautiful day at Vaset and we decided to ski to Synet one more time and then see what we felt like doing. We took the same route as last time – via Nystølen.

From Synet, we went off-trail and skied across Veslesynet (1113m), Seleggi (1116m) and Vestre Fjellet (1128m) before we got back on the track to Valtjern – where Anne insisted on spending 5 minutes before moving on. For an impatient guy like myself, 5 minutes felt like an hour!

But it was a good investment, because now Anne was motivated for yet another off-trail “adventure” – this time to Storhaug (1074m). That is, we followed the track to the foothills but then ascended the forest on skis that primarily are meant for a cross-country track.

From Storhaug, we descended to the north (still off-trail) and enjoyed feeling in control over the skis that didn’t belong in this terrain. But the snow was hard as ice and we felt like we could “fly everywhere”. It was just big fun!

Anne decided to ski down to the track and I waited for her close to Skurvehovda. Then we skied together to the Valtjern junction where we split up. Anne and Karma returned to the cabin, while I wanted to do some more ski-skating. I went down to Valtjern on the west side of Simlehovda and up to Nystølen on the east side. I really, really enjoyed myself.

I met up with Anne down by the Gomobu restaurant (still closed) where she was enjoying a) being still, b) the sunshine and c) a good book.

Trip statistics: 28,1km, 560 vertical meters, 4h:16m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

Brattåshaugen (1090m), Synet (1137m), Apr 4 2021

Back on Synet – for the 5th time!

There weren’t many tops left in the Vaset area that I hadn’t been to, so today I decided to visit Brattåshaugen – southeast of Valtjern. The weather was changing to the worse and I wanted to make the most of our last day up here.

Anne joined me down to Valtjern, where we split company. Anne took a different route back while Karma and I continued towards Brattåshaugen. The snow was still hard as ice and it didn’t matter if we were on or off the tracks.

Once we reached the top of Brattåshaugen, I had to come up with a plan for our return. As I could skate anywhere, I decided to go straight north and up to Synet. This route included some uphills, but I found a good way to switchback while still skating.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever return to Vaset as we’ve been here two times already. If so, then this 5th visit would also be my last. We then sat course back to Vaset via Nystølen.

Trip statistics: 22km, 540 vertical meters, 2h:38m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

Valtjern and (almost) Synet, Apr 4 2021

One last trip…

22km and 540 vertical meters earlier in the day wasn’t too bad, but my skiing shape and form was at its peak now (compared to when we arrived) and I had to go for one last skating trip. I just enjoyed the icy crust so much. It almost felt like flying.

From Gomobu, I went in the direction of Skurvehovda before getting on the Valtjern track on the west side of Simlehovda. Anne took Karma for a shorter trip, but we could both see the “wall” moving in from the west (picture above).

When I reached Valtjern, I realized that I was in a hurry if I wanted to avoid the incoming snow (which I assumed the “wall” was). The wind was really, really strong and I realized that taking the northbound route to Gomobu would be very hard.

The forest to the east seemed like a friend, providing some shelter and I decided to take the track towards Synet, but I would not visit the top this time.

The 4km leg from Valtjern to where the track turns north at Seleggi (120 vertical meter gain) took 18 minutes. The average speed uphill was 13km/h with 27km/h as top speed. It was just crazy!

Just as I got to the Nystølen junction, the snow and wind hit me. Visibility was low and I decided to continue straight ahead, opposed to skiing up to Nystølen. I had kept Anne informed about my whereabouts and she and Karma met me in the forest outside Gomobu. Very nice to be with my family again!

I was quite happy about today’s exercise! 40km and almost 1000 vertical meters in (and off) the Vaset tracks. I will always have fond memories about Vaset and the cross-country tracks!

Trip statistics: 17,4km, 405 vertical meters, 1h:51m

Pictures (Samsung/Iphone 8) from the trip:

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