2021 Week 16 (Summary)

The whole spectre of weather…

Just after a proper hail shower


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
20.04.2021 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
21.04.2021 Skeidshornet 311m 13m Ulstein, Norway WCP
22.04.2021 Gyrinakken 365m 157m Herøy/Sande, M&R, Norway WCP
23.04.2021 Stemnehornet 190m 43m Ulstein, Norway WCP
23.04.2021 Høgåsen 240m 240m Ulstein, Norway WCP
23.04.2021 Svarane 191m 43m Ulstein, Norway WCP
24.04.2021 Skjeggen 738m 25m Sogndal, Norway
25.04.2021 Nisedalsfjellet 1377m 187m Aurland, Norway
25.04.2021 Kalvsnesnosi 1093m 63m Aurland, Norway

Huldrehornet, Apr 20 2021

On top of Huldrehornet

After taking Monday off from hiking, I was back on the track on Tuesday – with Karma and across Huldrehornet. The weather was not too bad.

Pictures from the hike (Canon EOS RP)

Skeidshornet (311m), Apr 21 2022

Crossing Vikeskardet, aiming for Skeidshornet

The weather was quite unstable today, and I settled for a round trip hike in the Ulsteinvik backyard. We hiked from Bugarden, across Vikeskardet (350m), across Skeidshornet and descended via Nibben and Osberget. We had the all kinds of weather on this hike!

Pictures from the hike (Canon EOS RP)

Gyrinakken (365m), Apr 22 2021

On top of Gyrinakken

Whenever the weather is not good, I try to find some kind of variation to the route that will increase motivation. So, today I hiked from Jøsokdalen and followed the tractor road past the petroglyphs until I reached Gyrinakken‘s west ridge. I had never hiked the ridge before and I was happy with this variation.

From the top, I followed the normal route back down until I went off-trail in order to get back to the car.

Pictures from the hike (Canon EOS RP)

Høgåsen (240m), Apr 23 2021


The weather wasn’t particularly good today, either and so my variation to the normal round trip hike across the Dimnøya island tops was to start out from Dimnavika – for the first time.

After a snow shower, the weather got gradually better and we had a nice trip across Stemnehornet (190m), Høgåsen (240m) and Svarane (191m).

Pictures from the hike (Canon EOS RP)

Skjeggen (738m), Apr 24 2021

Life is good!

Then followed a week’s stay in Sogndal. After the 3,5 hour drive I took Karma and went from Åberge and up to Skjeggen. The route was as good as snow-free. I really like this route and the open birch forest.

We then descened down to the Hølsete road, and the snow didn’t carry my weight. Once on the road, I took a “radical” choice and left the road. After a cumbersome descent down the forest, we reached the a trail that leads to Åberge.

As we were closing in on the farms at Åberge, I felt a I was somewhat trespassing and continued off-trail further down in the forest. Eventually, we got to Røvhaugane and followed the regular path back up to Åberge. A very fun round trip hike!

Pictures from the hike (Canon EOS RP)

Nisedalsfjellet (1377m) & Kalvsnesnosi (1093m), Apr 25 2021

A happy bunch on Kalvsnesnosi

This memorable trip is covered on a separate page

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  1. That a beautiful picture of the dog and the Sun reflection on the fjord.I am planning,well tomorrow not much planning!,a stargazing hike overnight tomorrow from Haltwhistle to Carlisle in the very north of England following Hadrian’s Wall and crossing the Northumberland National Park which is an International Dark Skies Park.Hopefully catch Venus predawn? Although nothing too high about 400m I suppose?

      1. At a guess 30 km but you never know until you finish because of detours and getting lost!

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