Kalvsnesnosi, Apr 25 2021

Oh my, what a viewpoint!

Kalvsnesnosi – a place one should visit!

Tops visited:

Top Height PF Municipality
Nisedalsfjellet 1377m 187m Aurland, Norway
Kalvsnesnosi 1093m 63m Aurland, Norway

The trip from the Aurlandsfjellet road – to Kalvsnesnosi was organized by Sogndal Turlag and was definitely one of our fines ski-trips in 2021.

Anne – along with Tom Dybwad were tour guides. I came along as the usual “rebel” – in front, trailing, alongside and suddenly – gone.

When I heard about this trip to a non pf100 top, I looked desperately on the map to see if I could find a “side project“. And Nisedalsfjellet was the answer to my “problem”. With this many people, surely no one would even notice that I was gone for a little while.  

But, we started out as one group – on this wonderful last Sunday in April.

Anne is pep-talking the group before departure

The snow was just perfect – for humans and for dogs.

We’re on our way!

I was told that Kalvsnesnosi offered fantastic views. I was like … OK… I’ve had my fair share of fantastic views in Norway and was in doubt if yet another fjord view would blow my hat off. I’m happy to say I was dead wrong on that account…

Spring skiing hardly gets better than this…

After 5,7km, we stopped between Erterhaug and point 1271m. I figured this was a good time to leave the group and aim for Nisedalsfjellet. Luckily, Karma favored my company versus the rest of the group – which included another dog in addition to Anne.

Time to part with the group
Nisedalsfjellet ahead

I was skiing on mountain skis with short skins and I felt like flying across the wonderful snow. After crossing a few humps, we reached the top of Nisedalsfjellet. Yet another pf100 top in the bag!

On Nisedalsfjellet

We could now see Kalvsnesnosi further down the ridge and moved on. I tried to spot the group down in Kolardalen, but couldn’t see it.

Kalvsnesnosi in the distance

Eventually, we reached Kalvsnesnosi and I went … wow! This was a viewpoint, if I’ve ever heard of one!

View from Kalvsnesnosi

After a (good) while, the group arrived…

The others are coming!

I let the group do their Instagram, Facebook, Tinder (what do I know…) posts before I called for a group picture. There are 25 persons on the picture. I think the group was closer to 30 persons when we headed out, but I lost track of them all.

A happy bunch on Kalvsnesnosi

It seemed like the group wanted to stay here forever, and I was restless to the bone. Fortunately, Irene had to get back and I (happily) volunteered to be her “escort”. It’s not like she wouldn’t have been fine on her own, but it’s always best to be two – just in case.

Irene, Karma and me – on our way back

We kept company until the downhill towards the trailhead began. Then Karma and I was moving faster, although I made sure I could see her all the way.

A happy dog – catching up with daddy…

1h:10m later, the rest of the group arrived. Karma was overjoyed to see mom again.

A happy dog – reuniting with mommy

Seriously, this was a very memorable ski-trip. I enjoyed every moment of it, although I’m no big fan of being a part of a large group. Luckily, I was able to pull off a “side project“, which was the icing on the cake today…

Trip statistics: 30,7km, 1030 vertical meters, 7h:18m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 8) from the trip:

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