2021 Week 20 (Summary)

A wonderful week in Sogn & Fjordane county

Celebrating Norway’s National Day in Solund
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
17.05.21 Fonnaheia 415m 108m Solund, Norway
17.05.21 Alefjellet 459m 152m Hyllestad, Norway
18.05.21 Kayak, Hafslovatnet Luster, Norway
19.05.21 Englandshovden 774m 91m Sogndal, Norway
20.05.21 Kammen 764m 51m Sogndal, Norway
22.05.21 Vassvarden 1024m 30m Sogndal, Norway
23.05.21 Molden 1120m 807m Luster, Norway WCP

Fonnaheia (415m), May 17 2021

On the way to Fonnaheia

Our stay with friends at Steinsund, Solund had come to an end. Anne-May & Jan returned to eastern Norway and Anne and me were heading back to Sogndal. But naturally, we would do a hike on Norway’s National Day.

The choice fell on Fonnaheia – north of Pollatinden – as this would be a new top for both of us. We followed a path close to Råke and followed it up ledges until we reached the mountain plateau.

On top, Anne changed to her National Day Costume, and it was posing time!

Anne and Karma on top of Fonnaheia

We took a slightly different route down the upper mountain but eventually joined the path we came up. It was a very nice hike!

Trip statistics: 6km, 440 vertical meters, 2h:21m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Alefjellet (459m), May 17 2021

On yet another new top!

After Fonnaheia, we decided to do one more hike, on our way back to Sogndal. Our choice fell on Alefjellet in Hyllestad and we drove FV57 to the top of the Skorsvegen road north of Indre/Ytre Dale.

We came from wonderful weather by the coast to a dark sky in Hyllestad. As we approached Dale, it started to rain and it was raining heavily when we drove up the curvy road from Dale.

But when we got to the trailhead, it was barely raining. We were just in the outskirts and we would probably get wet while following the forest road eastbound, but it seemed we would be in the clear once we turned north and got on the path. Very odd!

It was a rather short hike up the hillside and then we could celebrate another new top before returning to Sogndal.

Trip statistics: 3km, 210 vertical meters, 1 hour

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Kayaking in Hafslovatnet, May 18 2021

Bumpy ride on Hafslovatnet

Inspired by the kayaking in Solund, I took my kayak to lake Hafslovatnet with the intention to do a full round around the lake. But it was just way too bumpy to enjoy the experience, and after 3,5km I lost motivation and turned around.

Not quite according to the plan, but at least I tried…

Englandshovden (774m), May 19 2021

A fun round trip hike!

Finding new routes always makes my hikes more fun, and when we headed to Englandshovden from England (yes, that’s actually the name of the farm) today, my goal was to descend towards Ølnesstølen on the north side. I had never been up there before and was looking forward to it.

The north side was all off-trail, but from Ølnesstølen, we could follow the steep forest road back to England. All in all, an excellent walk!

Trip statistics: 6,4km, 510 vertical meters, 1h:38m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Kammen (764m), May 20 2021

Sogndal view from Kammen

A tractor road runs from Kvam and to the top of Kammen. As such, it’s not the most exciting hike in the Sogndal region, and so my mission today was to deviate as much from the road as possible. And we were quite successful in doing so. I know this forest much better now!

Trip statistics: 8,1km, 720 vertical meters, 1h:58m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Vassvarden (1024m), May 22 2021

Passing the Rud farm

I had been hiking way too little in the mountains above Hella and today I decided to do something about it!

We started out at Hella, followed a local road before getting on paths that took us past Flete and Rud (beautiful!) before climbing up the forest towards Skardet.

At Daurmålhaug, we were above the forest and followed the path up the ridge to Vassvarden.

Karma on Vassvarden

As much as I enjoyed being here, I had to get back to Sogndal and followed the same route back to Rud, where I took a different path down to Vestreim and then to Sanden. Only 0,8km along the main road back to Hella was acceptable!

Trip statistics: 11,1km, 1040 vertical meters, 3 hours

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Molden (1120m), May 23 2021

Our hike across Molden

This Sunday started out with a short swim in the Sognefjord, a tradition that our friends Vibeke and Leif is holding on to. Anne does this frequently, while I was only a guest visitor today.

Water still cold…

After breakfast, we talked about where to go hiking and ended up on Molden. We left one car in Marifjøra and drove the other up to Krossen.

As it happened, Vibeke and Leif went there too. So we met them (and some friends of them) for the 2nd time today. Knut – a friend of us – was also going to Molden today, and now were a group!

Taking it easy up the mountain

It was a warm day…

Drama queen! It’s not that hot!!!

I -think- this was the first time I’ve seen the Sherpa stairs. Molden is a mountain we typically ski, not hike.

Sherpa stairs on Molden

Molden is a great viewpoint and Hurrungane looked dramatic today!


Finally, time for the group picture…

From left; Knut, Leif, then 2 friends of Leif & Vibeke, then Vibeke, Karma and Anne

As our plan was to hike down to Marifjøra, we invited the others to come along. Leif was reluctant, as he had a Liverpool game to reach but settled for 2nd half as the others wanted to come along.

Descending to Marifjøra

There is of course some logistics in play with getting people back to Krossen, and I got some quality time with Karma in Marifjøra while Anne drove the others back to Krossen.

Trip statistics: 11,3km, 630 vertical meters, 3h:48m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

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