Sissihøa, July 23 2022

Summer holiday, day 20 – Trøndelag



Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
23.07.2022 Sissihøa 1621m 167m Oppdal, Norway

Continued from day 19

Our route to Sissihøa

Saturday: We left our paradise in Budalsdalen in the morning and sat course to the south. We only had 2 days left of our vacation and as we didn’t have any plans, we had to make some! Anne touched on returning to Sogndal, but hell no!

But first, we had to find a nice mountain to walk ourselves and the dog. I came prepared and suggested that we should hike Sissihøa near Oppdal. I already knew that one can drive to 1000m and hike from there – leaving us with only a 600m ascent to a fine top. Anne went along with this idea and so we sat course for Oppdal.

South of Oppdal, at Losgjerdet, we took the road by Smegarden Camping, drove up to Driva and found the Losråket mountain road (toll). The road was narrow and I hoped we didn’t have to meet too many cars coming in the opposite direction.

We parked just before the sharp right-hand curve where Kløftåa river comes down. We could see the path going up the mountainside.

Ready for Sissihøa!

600 vertical meters spread across 3,6km is quite nice. I was closely monitoring Karma, to see if she was limping. The resting day had obviously done wonders as she was walking quite normal!

This is an easy hike! (If you’re fit for 600 vertical meters, that is…)

And the route also offers a stop for water supplies

That’s probably as nice as it looks…

It was truly delightful to be walking in sunshine, not having to care about incoming or ongoing rain.

Steady course for the top

And then we were on top!

On top of Sissihøa

I promised myself that the next time we went through Oppdal, we would hike Blåøret (1604m). Heck, we were even higher than that now!


We had a good view towards the Dovrefjell and Trollheimen mountains from up here.

I want to visit all those tops, but will most likely not…

Then it was time to head back down again. The question was – what do we do now?

Dovrefjell mountains. Snøhetta to the left

Back at the car, Høvringen came up as an option and Anne called Smuksjøseter. Yes, they could give us a room for one night. Perfect! Because there were 4 tops near Smuksjøseter that I hadn’t been to yet. After Sissihøa, I had 26 new pf100 tops this summer. 30 was the magic number, but given the time we had left, that would be a stretch. I knew I would be happy with whatever number I had before returning to Sogndal.

On our way to Smuksjøseter. VERY nice to be up here!

Man, it felt nice to reach Smuksjøeter! At (approx. 1130m), we finally had a “base-camp” in the mountains.


The room was nice (price a bit stiff, but that’s how it is in summer) and we even reached dinner! For the room, a dinner and a bottle of wine we just passed NOK 3000,-. 24 hours later, it was all worth it…

Enjoying a 3-course dinner at Smuksjøseter

Trip statistics: 6,8km, 600 vertical meters, 2h:23m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Continued on day 21

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