Forollhogna, July 22 2022

Summer holiday, day 19 – Trøndelag

Forollhogna – the highest peak in the National Park with the same name


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
22.07.22 Forollhogna 1332m 639m Os i Hedmark/ Holtålen/ Midtre Gauldal, Norway

Continued from day 18

Our route from Bakksætra to Forhollhogna (and back)

Friday: I woke up around 5am, thinking about work. I tried to shake it off, but I couldn’t. Just before 7am, I told Anne that I would drive back to Enodden (Budal) and log on to work from my car. And pick up some additional cabin essentials, like beer and candle lights that we would leave behind. 

We were in no rush for Forollhogna, as it was raining, and the fog was covering the mountains. In fact, it looked pretty miserable at 7am…

9:30am, I was happy. The problems at work seemed to have been solved and I could return to the cabin. But more importantly, the weather had dramatically changed to the better. It was no longer raining, and the fog was gone.

10:40am, we left the cabin – with Karma in it. Her foot was much better, but it was too early to put her back on the trail.

At the Bakksætra trailhead, we were a bit confused. The signpost indicated that we should be hiking on the wrong side of the river, but we decided to go where the signpost suggested.

Off we go!

After a few hundred meters, the trail went straight up the forest – to our left. As we hadn’t looked at the maps too closely, we figured this was wrong and crossed the river on the first bridge. It later turned out that we had now left the normal trail to Forollhogna!

About to cross the river one more time

But the trail on the south side of the river was just as good. After a nice hike along the river, we had to cross another river coming from the south, but that was not a problem. In fact, at first we didn’t notice that we had to cross the river and followed the river upwards until the path vanished. It was just a day of sloppy navigation!

Going the wrong way…

Back on the path, we now had gain some elevation…

Back on track!

After passing Kløftin, we got Forollhogna in view.

Forollhogna – still 3km away

The path wasn’t easy to see above the forest, but cairns helped us pick the best route.

Looking forward to get up!

With jackets on, we sat course for the final leg to the summit.

Close now…

On top, we met Hans Erik Lerkelund from Norsk Friluftsliv and we had a nice chat. He told us that he had come up via the normal route and was curious about our route. From the southeast came a family that had hiked from Vangrøftdalen. It had taken them 4 hours to get there, and we paid complements to the 8-year-old boy.

On top of Forollhogna

It was nice to be up here. This was the 2nd top in two days (Fongen being the first) shared between 3 municipalities. But while Fongen belongs solely to Trøndelag county, Forollhogna is shared between Trøndelag and Innlandet.

View from Forollhogna

After a short stay, we returned the same way we came. The 6,1km descent took us 1h:22m and we were back with Karma 4,5 hours after leaving her. She was most happy to see us!

We received a WARM welcome!

The rest of the evening was all about chilling and discussing what to do with our final two days of vacation…

What a paradise!

But how long was Karma in paradise – before mommy and daddy had to “pull the plug”?

Sorry, Karma. That’s a “no” from us…

I was summing up the holiday so far. 11 new tops in Greece and now Fongen and Forollhogna. And 25 new pf100 tops in total! I could not have asked for more. Well, maybe a break from work. But when I have chosen this line of work (software development), I can’t always expect a “9 to 5” job and uninterrupted holidays…

We would both miss this cabin!

Trip statistics: 13,2km, 670 vertical meters, 3h:56m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Continued on day 20

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