Klasberget, July 21 2022

Summer holiday, day 18 – Trøndelag

Klasberget – on the other side of lake Aursunden


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
21.07.22 Klasberget 900m 112m Røros, Norway

Continued from day 17

Thursday: After checking out from Nøsterlia camping, the plan was to move on towards Forollhogna National Park and hike the high point bearing the same name as the park. But not today. Karma would need at least one day of rest, more likely two, and we didn’t have any accommodation yet.

We sat course towards Røros, and Anne made a call to her colleague Berit, one of two park rangers in Forollhogna. The call was mostly about saying “hello, we’re in your parts of the country”, but it turned out that Berit had a cabin close to the Forollhogna trailhead, and we were welcome to stay there. That was most generous, and that would also solve the problem with Karma. We would never go hiking and leave her in the car, but we could certainly leave her in a cabin for a few hours.

On our way to Røros, I decided to hike Klasberget, which seemed to be an “easy pick”. We drove to the south side of lake Aursunden and found a road going in the direction of Klasberget. We parked the car at around 800m and Anne chose to stay by the car, together with Karma.

Sorry, Karma. You need to sit this one out…

Off I went alone and after only a few minutes I was happy that Karma wasn’t with me, as I had to pass through a herd of cows.

On my way to Klasberget

Klasberget consisted of two distinct humps, and the southernmost one was seemingly the highest. Once there, it wasn’t clear where the high point was – exactly. But after visiting all possible candidate points, I was pretty confident that Klasberget was “in the bag”.

On top of Klasberget

I returned to the others and then we sat course for Røros.

In Røros, I could feel claustrophobia already before reaching the city centre. One parking lot after the other was full, but eventually we found a slot for the car.

In Røros

We walked up one of the main streets, found a place to eat, made our order and went into the backyard to wait for the food. As dogs were allowed in the backyard, I went back to the car to get Karma. She limped her way up the street – receiving numerous sympathetic looks from people around us. I was quite confident that if she would rather be with us than back in the car.

Karma is with us again…

I hadn’t read the menu good enough. The “double burger” turned to be a 200g burger PLUS a 160g burger and fries. It’s the first time ever that I haven’t finished my burger…

Holy smoke. This will do…

After shopping groceries, we left Røros and sat course for Budalen. From Budalen, we entered Budalsdalen valley, and the toll fare was NOK 80, -. No payment. A camera scans your plates, and you must pay within 48 hours after leaving if you don’t want extra costs. Read the information sign!

We found Berit’s cabin (or more precise – “Sæterbu” in Norwegian) outside cellphone coverage and without electricity and running water. Which under normal circumstances would be perfect, except that we had still problems at work, and I had to do my part of the troubleshooting.

Oh this looks nice!
Just perfect!

But with the evening, also came the peace. After dinner and a few rounds of Yatzee, it was time to hit the bed. I fell asleep right away.

I could have squeezed in here, but was more happy with the bunk bed…

Trip statistics: 3,3km, 150 vertical meters, 0h:45m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Max Pro) from the hike:

Continued on day 19

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