Sylvkallen, Sep 28 2022

An afternoon hike above the average

How’s that for a view?
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP/FP
28.09.22 Sylvkallen 1310m 180m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
Our route up and down Sylvkallen

Wednesday: I took “walking the dog after work” one notch up today and headed for Sylvkallen above the Hjørundfjord.

Sylvkallen (left of the two peaks) seen from the trailhead

I visit this top so infrequently (2008, 2010, 2019, 2022) that I keep forgetting how hard this hike really is. That is, if you hike as fast as you can. It’s a solid 1000 vertical meters (+) ascent.

The lower part (300-560m) of the mountain is just agonizing. It’s wet, muddy and a complete disaster. It’s impossible to keep a good pace up here.

Heading for Nøvedalen valley

Then follows a transport leg (1,2km or 0,8km depending on the route) just to get to the foot of the upper part of the mountain.

This is why I don’t like skiing this mountain…

The “fun” begins at 580m. You now have 700+ vertical meters before you can stand on the top and enjoy the mighty views.

Sorry, Karma. Still a long way to go…

Moreover, the mountain scares me in winter. I really hate the part from Nonshornet’s north ridge and into Nøvedalen valley – which is exposed. Still, I choose to return and it’s because the summit view is just amazing!

Soon ready for the main ascent…

It was not the best hike to use my brand new hiking shoes (La Sportiva Ultraraptor II GTX). They looked 10 years old already after 100 vertical meters.

Finally – at the foot of the upper mountain

It was interesting to see Karma. She has just turned 10 years old and (hopefully) been cured of a limping issue. And it’s not as if we’ve been resting lately. The vertical meters for the past days were: 760, 580, 665, 830, 690, 670, 790, 795, 710 and 780m – and 72km of hiking. This is context, not bragging.  So, with all this it would not have been strange if she had given me the “you know, I feel a bit tired today” look. But no. Today, she had the “Move! You’re in my way” attitude and was in front of me all the way. That’s heartwarming. I felt so bad for her during the (relatively long) limping period.

Karma – leading on

It took me 1h:32m to get to this top back in 2019, and I was determined not let physical decline prevail and gave it my best. Again – you cannot pay attention to time vs. vertical meters on this mountain due to the disastrous path.


I felt I had a good day today, until I felt the inevitable effect of age. The feet would just not move as fast as I wanted them to.

I found comfort in the surroundings, though. This area is just breathtaking!

Peaks above Standaldalen valey

I met two girls coming down the mountain, at approx. 900m. It was nice to see other people on the mountain. I wasn’t recognized this time, but that was totally fine. I just made that remark because in my 2019 hike, I met two guys coming up the mountain (from Czech Republic and Slovakia) and one of them immediately pointed at me and said «westcoastpeaks!!»

The 1306m neighbour peak

Every time this happens, it’s just strange. When I blog, I don’t have any expectation that anyone is reading and I’m surprised everytime I learn that someone is following. Back in the days, when internet was young – my home page ( back then) was widely noticed – due to the lack of information elsewhere. But nowadays, information is everywhere and my sites are no longer relevant. Still, I enjoy blogging (old habits die hard) but as said, I don’t assume that anyone is reading it. Which is fine. I enjoy doing it anyway …

Back to the hike – I kept on pushing it and reached the top in 1h:30m. That – and the views – made my day…

On top of Sylvkallen

Now, everything was just honky dory fine. I could let the camera run “hot” and take our time.

Karma – posing on demand

It has been a while since Karma and I took a “selfie”, so we just had to make that happen today.

Karma and me on Sylvkallen

Did I mention that the views from up here is just crazy? I guess I did…

View towards Dalegubben

But eventually, it was time to get back home. I reckoned it would take me around 1 hour down.

I found a shorter route down in Nøvedalen (I saved 0,3km) before taking on the ultra-muddy forest path.

I caught up with the two girls 5 minutes before reaching the car. We all agreed that this path was NO FUN!


I missed on my 1-hour estimate. It took us 1 hour and 2 minutes to get back to the car. And like always after a hike like this – the drive back home was just enjoyable!

Trip statistics: 9,4km, 1055 vertical meters, 2h:45m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

3 thoughts on “Sylvkallen, Sep 28 2022

  1. Hi Arnt,
    Such a beautiful selfie of Karma and you in the astonishing Sunnmøre mts! Karma being 10 years, she really is a die hard, unbelievable all the mts she climbed with you and Anne!
    I do read all yr reports, and get many ideas for a good hike. Thanks a lot for sharing, the pics are great!
    I live near the Hjørundfjord at lake Tuvatnet, and still have a lot of tops on my list, this Sylvkallen is on it as well.
    Have a good go-october time together, hopefully the weather stays OK for a while.

    1. Hi Ellen. Thank for your for your post! Very appreciated! I didn’t know you were living nearby. We should do a hike together! It is soon turning dark in the afternoon, so maybe not this autumn. But let’s stay in touch and do a hike together in the Hjørundfjord region. Tuvatnet is Sykkylven, yes?

      1. Hei Arnt,
        Yes, Sykkylven. I think I didn’t mention it before no. Started to hike mtn tops when we emigrated from NL for about 20 years ago and then we found yr Westcoastpeaks!
        Would be nice to meet up for sure, but I think that my walking pace is not quite the way you and Anne & Karma like to walk. I think we’re a littlebit oldfashioned in a way, because every hike becomes almost a dayhike, full backpacks. We enjoy being outside, explore the surroundings and look around, koser oss masse.
        Anyway never say never. I keep on reading your trip reports, as one of your dedicated followers😀☺

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