Sandhornet, Sep 27 2022

Another great afternoon hike in Ørsta

View from Sandhornet
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP/FP
27.09.22 Grøthornet 748m 35m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
27.09.22 Sandhornet 909m 471m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
Our route up and down Sandhornet

Tuesday: My working day was a chaos. My 7:30am breakfast was discovered at 2pm, on the kitchen bench. The bread was in the fridge and the cheese was in the bread locker. No wonder I needed a proper hike after work!

I chose (once again) to drive to Ørsta to hike Sandhornet. I hadn’t been there since January, on skis then.

I took the wrong turn and went towards Brudevollen. That was a mistake, as the toll road begins a little further up the Follestaddalen road. As I were to back up, a fly landed on the car’s front window. It was still stuck there when I drove on and my imagination got the better of me.

What if this fly returned to its swarm and said “Yo! I just rode a car window at 75km/h!” And the swarm went – “You crazy mofo! Stuntman! No way!!

I don’t say it’s likely. Just maybe…

What happened to you when you disappeared in a blink of an eye at 75km/h?

I found it was worth it to pay a toll fare of NOK 30, – to drive up to 190m on the forest road above Brudavollen. From here, we could follow the MOST EXCELLENT path up the forest in the direction of Brekkesætra.  

Awesome path!

I totally love this route!

The ridge comes into view

After passing Brekkesætra, it got steeper. There is an exposed point where I’ve used to take Karma on leash, but now I just let her go. Dogs do better on their own. Except when it’s slippery. They just don’t have that “might be slippery” radar.

Do be careful…

It was really nice to be up here. It went a little bit slow for the both of us on the way to Grøthornet (748m), but I blame it on bad sleep (tunnel work nearby my house at night). Karma slept all through my working day and got up when I told her that we were going to hike Sandhornet. She probably didn’t have time to completely wake up until the hike began…

On our way up to Grøthornet

But things got better once we had passed Grøthornet. And particularly better when I noticed two super-fit hikers that were on our tail. And clearly with the ambition to pass us.

Sandhornet ahead

The hell you are” I thought to myself and gave the final 200m hill everything I got. With a heavy backpack – including everything I would need to survive the night in case of an injury.

We had some great views on our way up the mountain

It took us 1h:08m to reach the top – 750 vertical meters across 4km. I can’t say that I wasted 8 minutes by taking pictures, but those 8 minutes really bugged me. I take it positively. It means I have ambitions. I’m only lacking the condition to accomplish…

On top of Sandhornet

Never mind, as the views from Sandhornet are first class!

View from Sandhornet

Once up here, I thought about any possibility to get a new route? There was supposed to be path parallel to our ascent route, but at the foothills of Grøthornet. I decided to see if I could find it.

Descending Sandhornet

The descent into the basin below Grøthornet – Sandhornet – Rebbestadhornet was not fun! Boulder with some grass on top. Treacherous!

Once down in the basin, the terrain was easier and eventually I found the unmarked path that I assumed would take us to Brekkesætra. But halfway, a newer marked route forked and went down the forest. I decided to follow it.

In new terrain

This route led us to the forest road above the trailhead, and after a short section along the MOST EXCELLENT path, we were back at the car.

This was a superb afternoon hike!

Veirahaldet – seen from the forest road

I had the most excellent drive back home…

Red sky – on my way home

Trip statistics: 7,9km, 760 vertical meters, 2h:14m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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