Stardalsfjellet, Aug 29 2021

A nice day on Hemsedalsfjellet

On Stardalsfjellet


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
29.08.21 Stardalsfjellet 1589m 139m Lærdal, Norway MAP

Sunday: Today, we took the trip from Sogndal to Hemsedalsfjellet to hike Stardalsfjellet – a mountain none of us had been to before.

The plan was easy enough; head out from Breistølen, follow the mountain road until it ended and then follow the valley up along river Stardøla. Once past Mønen, the map indicated that we could ascend the mountain from wherever we wanted.

But as we were on our way, a ledge in the middle of the steep east face caught my attention. That surely looked like a doable ascent route? Anne concurred.

Our ascent route

After some easy off-trail terrain, we were at the foot of the mountain and the ledge.

The climb begins

The hillside was steep, but not exposed.

Fun terrain!

Higher up, we followed slabs, making the ascent a little bit easier.

Taking advantage of the slabs

And then we were on the mountain plateau!

“Hurry up, mom!”

We took a short break here and enjoyed the fine views. The summit was just a 1,9km hike away.

RV52 across Hemsedalsfjellet
Hurrungane range

We then moved on, across rocky but easy terrain.

To the top

And then another top was “in the bag”.

On top of Stardalsfjellet

I enjoyed being here, as this was my first top in the large mountain region south of RV 52 (Hemsedal) and FV50 (Hol – Aurland) – except for tops visited along the Aurlandsfjellet road. Given that Hemsedalsfjellet is quite accessible for day-trips from Sogndal, we’ll be back for more!

Bringe (1617m)

For descent, we decided to take what was the planned ascent route. But before we could get a valley overlook, we had to cross some rocky terrain.

Leaving the top

One good thing about Norwegian mountains – you can always find water!

Karma, satisfying her thirst

We checked out the hillside between Mønen and Stardalsmønen but decided to go for easier terrain.

Nah, let’s keep looking…

Once down into the valley, we found the valley trail.

In the valley, looking towards Mønen

On the way down the valley, we could see our ascent route from a different angle. It looked much steeper, seen from our position!

Our ascent route

Back in Sogndal, it was time for yet another dinner outdoors.

Karma and I are equally excited…

My burger would probably not sell well from this picture, but it tasted great!

Another day of hiking ended on a good note…

Trip statistics: 9,8km, 640 vertical meters, 3h:39m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

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