A make-or-break hike…

Enjoying the fresh snow


11.12.22 Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP

Sunday: Today, with exception of walks around the block, I had not been doing any walks with the dog for 11 days. Anne had come to my rescue on two separate occasions while I was down with Covid. My tests are now negative, but I am not apparently completely out of the woods yet – having to change shirts a couple of times per night. So, this walk across my local to Rambjøra would be a make-or-break walk.

On the Rambjøra trail

The snow had come while I was lying sick and now, I wanted to enjoy a short and nice walk with my girls before Anne returned to Sogndal.

Another beautiful day, this time with me in it…

It’s been a while since I saw Karma vomit, but today she did. Maybe of pure sympathy, but more likely because she had been chewing on something she shouldn’t have.

Oh, you are an adorable sight…

But once she had cleaned her system, she was on fire again.

I tried to walk slowly, spend as little energy as possible. It was quite clear any walk longer or higher than this would have been stupid.

Blåtind – in the background – is probably out of reach for some time yet…

What mattered most was that I was back on the trail again, and I hoped that this wouldn’t send me straight back to bed.

View from Rambjøra

I had one woolen sweater, one synthetic sweater and a PrimaLoft-tech jacket. A bad choice, and I made it because I didn’t think I would be sweating. But I was sweating a lot. The wool transported the sweat to the synthetic layer, which passed it on to the PrimaLoft. Anne was shocked to see that my jacket was soaking wet.

Anne and Karma – still playing with the snow

Back home, I decided to rest. My body quickly responded with turning itself “off”. It will be quite interesting to see how things are in the morning, when I’m supposed to be back at work…

On the path to Dragsund

However it goes, it was worth it. There’s only so many sunny days you can see pass before it gets to you…

Trip statistics: 4km, 140 vertical meters, 1h:16m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the walk:

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