Årvikveten, Feb 1 2023

A perfect day

Our hike to and from Veten


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
01.02.23 Årvikveten 458m 205m Sande, Norway WCP MAP

A very, very nice hike!

Wednesday: Probably not a tactical good idea to go for a mountain hike the same day that I felt better for the first time in two months. But tactics is not my best quality and besides, I just wanted to go out. Plain and simple. I wanted to continue enjoying the beautiful weather.

So, I drove to Drageskaret to hike Årvikveten. I really, really looked forward to it. Karma seemed quite happy too…

Karma – happy now that she knows where we’re going

The first hill had very little snow and when there was a little more of it, we could enjoy footprints left by other hikers. I suspected they would only go to Svedehornet, and I was right.

The first hill

Hiking in low terrain shoes was probably not smart either, but I figured that my socks would keep me warm. After all, they did do just that when I went through the ice in Øyraelva river (week 3).

Passing Svedehornet

I felt truly happy for the first time in a good while and my camera ran hot.

Karma – with “Syvdsalpane” in the background

I like the hike from Drageskaret. Once done with the first hill, one can hike for hours on this plateau and there are many opportunities for a round-trip hike.

Veten ahead

As the snow got deeper, my feet stayed warm. Now I know the benchmark for the various types of woolen socks!

We’re almost up

Eventually, we reached the top. I got my pictures and Karma got treats.

View from Årvikveten

And then – time for a selfie.

Karma and me on Årvikveten

Upon return, the “interesting” question was if we could return to the car without using the headlamp.

Returning to Drageskaret

Thanks to the snow, we had enough visibility.

Passing Svedehornet

A very, very nice hike. So, how long would this “strike of fortune” in terms of health last?

Descending to Drageskaret

Trip statistics: 6,8km, 470 vertical meters, 2h:00m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP)Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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