Krekahøgdi, Krekanosi, Biskopsnosi, Apr 22 2023

A really nice ski-trip!


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
22.04.23 Krekahøgdi 1512m 123m Lærdal/Årdal, Norway MAP
22.04.23 Krekanosi 1555m 156m Lærdal/Årdal, Norway MAP
22.04.23 Biskopsnosi 1555m 156m Årdal, Norway MAP

The route across the 3 tops

Saturday: Today, we were in for a really, really nice ski-trip together with Anne’s friend Kjersti. We drove from Sogndal to Årdal and then up the road towards Tyin. We parked between lakes Biskopsvatnet and Torolmen. The main goal wasn’t really decided. We just wanted to go skiing.

Heading out

Let me rephrase that. I wanted to get as many pf100 tops as possible realistically 1, optimistically 3. Anne would come along as long as she felt up for it and Kjersti said she would just tag along.

The terrain in the beginning was both fun and slightly complex

Finally, out of the canyons…

The first goal was just to get up to lake Biskopsvatnet – which is not the same lake (with the same name) that was close to our trailhead!

Finding our way up the mountain

On our way up, we were passed by a group of snow scooters. Anne decided to have a chat with them, and they turned out to be a mix of Police and Red Cross patrol – out on a training mission.

Leaving the patrol behind

We missed the natural route to the lake and were now on our way up the ridge east of the lake. This is when I proposed that we should just continue to Krekahøgdi and then take it from there. It was crystal clear in my mind that we would go for all the 3 tops and I’m sure the girls realized it too…

Wandering about, without paying too much attention to navigation…

The terrain was perfect for mountain skis.

Approaching Krekahøgdi

Shortly after, we were on top of our first top – Krekahøgdi!

On Krekahøgdi

The views were quite alright!

View from Krekahødgi

It didn’t take long to agree on continuing towards Krekanosi – the highest of the tops surrounding the lake. The distances between the tops were quite short. I decided to lead on and find the way down from Krekahøgdi…

Descending Krekahøgdi, waiting for the girls

And then we were on our way to Krekanosi

Next stop – Krekanosi

It didn’t take long before we reached the final hill.

The girls, arriving on Krekanosi

And top #2 was in the bag…

#2 in the bag!

I noticed Suletinden in the distance, visited approx. 1 month earlier. A very nice ski-trip!


Now it was only obvious that we also had to visit Biskopsnosi on our way back, and we began our descent of Krekanosi.

Karma was the fastest female down the tops today!

We crossed lake Biskopsvatnet on our way to Biskopsnosi.

Crossing lake Biskopsvatnet

Getting 3 pf100 tops on this trip was a huge bonus! I didn’t really expect that when this trip was planned.

On Biskopsnosi

The views were somewhat a bonus too…

Store Skagstølstind and Styggedalsryggen

Next, we descended towards lake Biskopsvatnet.

Aiming for the lake

Back in the valley we came up, we followed our tracks for a while, until they faded out (melted by the sun). Instead of paying attention to the GPS, we just went where we *thought* we had skied up. Which turned out to be wrong. And so, we ended up in unfamiliar terrain – with obstacles.

Finding our way DOWN the mountain also

Anne got to test some Telemark turns. With my narrow skis, I didn’t even consider it…


When we reached difficult snow, I was not happy…

Not my favorite part…

Eventually, we got on the right track and when we reached the terrain I called aggravating on the way up, it was pure fun going down…

In fun terrain

Obstacles can be fun!

So, how do we get out of here?

Then we got out of the canyons and could head back to the car. It was altogether a most enjoyable trip!

Still finding our way…

Trip statistics: 19,1km, 950 vertical meters, 6h:00m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Max Pro) from the trip:

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