Spefjell, Tylderingen, Nuken, June 11 2023

Along the beautiful Sogndalsdalen

Overlooking Sogndalsdalen from near Tylderingen


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
11.06.23 Spefjell 1103m 53m Sogndal, Norway MAP
11.06.23 Tylderingen 1105m 242m Sogndal, Norway WCP MAP
11.06.23 Nuken 919m 126m Sogndal, Norway WCP MAP

Our route across Spefjell, Tylderingen and Nuken

Sunday: During breakfast (in Sogndal), I said to Anne; Why don’t we drive up in Sogndalsdalen and hike back home, via Spefjell, Tylderingen and Nuken? I was just thinking about the individual distances and they didn’t seem that long. Anne nodded and our Sunday plans was “in the bag”

And so, we drove up Sogndalsdalen and headed for Svedal – where we would start hiking.

On our way to Svedal – a beautiful morning!

We followed the path towards Grøssete cabins, but the plan wasn’t to go all the way up there. But first, a whole lot of uphill had to be done…

On our way up from Svedal

The plan was to cross the river and head for Navarsete, but the river didn’t invite for crossing today…

Do we have a plan B?

We found a signpost that indicated that we could cross the river on a bridge, but we didn’t know how far we would have to descend, so we agreed to continue up to Grøssete instead.

Arriving at Grøssete

At Grøssete, we had our first pause. At this point, it didn’t feel like we had a long way ahead of us.

Pause at Grøssete

Next, we aimed for Spefjell – our first top. The amount of snow was somewhat surprising, but no problems for us and a big bonus for Karma…

Spefjell ahead

To get to Spefjell, we had to cross the river from lake Navarsetevatnet. Which wasn’t trivial, but we got across without having to ford the river.

Now, jump!

Karma had plenty of snow to cool down on…

Don’t rush it. There’s plenty more where this comes from…

It was just such a beautiful day, and it didn’t really matter how long the hike would be…

Still on our way to Spefjell

All three of us were happy, probably for different reasons…

OK, but we really have to move on now…

And eventually, the first top – Spefjell – was “in the bag”!

On top of Spefjell

The next goal was Tylderingen and away we went…

On our way to Tylderingen

Obstacles had to be overcomed…

Karma takes a leap of faith…

Norwegian summer: This snow would not melt before mid-summer…

So boring it would be without the snow?

No complaints though. The views aren’t half-bad…

Enjoying the view, Karma?

And then we reached the top of Tylderingen

On Tylderingen

Our next goal was Nuken, and we were curious about the route ahead of us. We started out by aiming for the Økstaskard pass.

Last one down is a dumb-ass!

We had as much fun as the terrain allowed for…

No brakes!

Route-finding was necessary…

This way!

So was water refill…

Wait for your turn, Karma…

This part to Nuken was new terrain to all of us, and it was fun to try to find the best route.

Fun terrain!

The primary goal was to get to lake Halsavatnet. Once there, Nuken would be just after the lake.

Lake Halsavatnet – finally!

I had the time of my life, but Anne was starting to “feel it” by now and we took a little break above lake Halsavatnet.

Ready to stand the distance!

Eventually, we reached Nuken where we met friends of Anne – Kari and Finn. Finn was the photographer for Anne’s successful “Opptur” books.

On top of Nuken

It was a hot day, and I was worried about Karma and sunburns. In lack of a coat, a jacket would have to suffice…

And asleep she fell…

Then it was time to take on the final leg on this long trip. First, we headed down to Hyllsete.

Heading for Hyllsete – down to the left

From Hyllsete, we headed down to Åberge and down to Sogndal.

Descending to Åberge

Once in Sogndal, we had to cross through the town as Anne’s apartment was on the other side.

Not far to go now!

After the hike, Anne just had to hit the fjord and cool down. I preferred the shower and Karma preferred neither.

Anne went for a swim after the hike

It was indeed a memorable hike! Many thanks to Anne for being a sport and come along on this long hike!

Trip statistics: 24km, 1390 vertical meters, 8h:21m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max/Samsung) from the hike:

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