Veirahaldet, June 8 2023

First visit from the Åm side

Today’s goal – Veirahaldet – in the distance


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
08.06.23 Lisje Veirahaldet 984m 22m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
08.06.23 Veirahaldet 1206m 173m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP

Our route up and down Veirahaldet

Thursday: Today, after work, I would really give myself a “treat” and hike up to Lisje Veirahaldet (984m) from the Åm side. If possible, I would continue all the way up to Veirahaldet (1206m), but the smaller top was the main goal.

I found the toll road that took us up to 360m elevation. The toll mailbox didn’t mention any fee, so I just left NOK 30, – in cash and drove happily up the road.

I had expected to find a path at the trailhead, but I didn’t. So, we just had to head out off-trail, aiming for the pass between Åmsnipa and Veirahaldet.

Where I parked (right) and where the path begins (left of center). I didn’t see this path driving up the road

As I didn’t know the route, I just aimed for the mast along the ridge.

Aiming for the mast on the ridge

In the middle of the birch forest, I hoped that we would find a better route on our way down…

Be brave. Pain is only a temporary thing…

But eventually, we arrived on the ridge and found a path.

Finally – a path!

Lisje Veirahaldet was just above us and the road ahead didn’t seem difficult at all. We could easily bypass the snow – on the right-hand side.

Karma had her priorities to attend to…

Something tells me this won’t be the only time on this trip that you need to cool down…

Eventually, we reached the top of Lisje Veirahaldet and now I decided to go for the main top. It would be a plod up the snow, but well worth it…

Going for the main top!

Seeing Vassdalstinden from this side made my heart skip a beat. I really need to revisit this top – soon!

Vassdalstinden – a beautiful peak!

The plod was going ok. The snow was for the most part carrying my weight. At least when it wasn’t too steep.

Only one hillside left…

Approaching the top, we met a guy jogging down. Summer’s around the corner!

Approaching the top

And then we were up!

On top of Veirahaldet

The view towards the Sunnmøre alps is amazing from up here…

Sunnmøre alps view (1/2)
Sunnmøre alps view (2/2)

After a short stay on top, it was time to head back down. Going for a 1200m mountain after work is a small project in its own right and I wanted to get home and have dinner before bedtime.

Heading down

On our way down, we followed the path and not only did it take us down to the meadow between Åmsnipa and Veirahaldet, it also took us down to the forest road – just 100m below where we parked.

Follestaddalen valley

A great way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

Trip statistics: 8,5km, 905 vertical meters, 2h:40m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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